Spiritual Leaders

One of the first questions frequently asked upon encountering the Brahma Kumaris is, “Is this a women’s organisation?” The answer is “no”. Although primarily administered by women, it is an organisation in which both women and men participate equally.

The Role of Women

In October 1937, Brahma Baba formed a Managing Committee of eight young women and in February 1938, he surrendered all his property and assets to a Trust administered by them. The soundness of his decision to choose women and young girls as administrators and spiritual teachers has been born out by the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University (BKWSU) becoming a respected global institution under their leadership. Brahma Baba also correctly foresaw that core values based on traditionally feminine qualities – patience, tolerance, sacrifice, kindness and love – would increasingly become the foundation of progress in personal growth, human relations, and the development of caring communities.

Spiritual Partnership

Brahma Baba’s vision of the future world was one of harmony between the sexes and of partnership rooted in spirituality, for spirituality is the key to trust and respect. Today, although women head the organisation, there are many men coordinating centres and playing other key administrative roles.

Current Spiritual Leaders