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Brahma Kumaris in Uganda

The Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Meditation Centre offers a place for lifelong learning of spiritual principles and universal values. In 1993 the Brahma Kumaris opened a centre in Kampala with the aim of offering their services to the local communities. The Raja Yoga Centre teaches a practical method of meditation that helps the individual understand the inner self, including inner strengths, values and purpose. It is through self-knowledge that we can develop a deeper sense of self-esteem, which becomes the anchor for inner stability through periods of uncertainty and change.

Together with the meditation course, the Brahma Kumaris offers various courses that teach Positive Thinking and personal development. These also include workshops and programs designed to inspire and build self-esteem and inner health. Over the years many lectures have been held for women’s groups, youth groups and various community-based organisations. All courses and talks are provided free of charge so as to make the services of the University available to as many people as possible.

"…from the day I met the Brahma Kumaris my life changed. Now I am able to live peacefully with others."- Wampande Francis

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