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Rua Almirante João Cândido Brasil, 18
ZIP Code: 20511-020
Ph.: (55) 21 2568-5972

Brahma Kumaris has the pleasure of keeping a space for Raja Yoga meditation in Tijuca and wants the Tijuca inhabitants to be proud of having a Brahma Kumaris in this traditional neighborhood.

Receiving new and old students, BK Tijuca is a source of inspiration and learning for many who seek an experience of inner peace. Its atmosphere filled with calmness and spiritual love has inspired people from all age groups to transform some aspects of their lives, giving them the opportunity to recover their own inner strength.

Even those who are not acquainted with Raja Yoga can have a meditation experience. We promote this activity in the evenings, from Monday through Friday. Besides, we offer meditation courses, talks, workshops and dialogues.

Being in Tijuca since 1985, Brahma Kumaris is located close to the Praça Varnhagen.


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