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Rua João de Oliveira Algodoal, 84– Bairro: Jardim Elite
ZIP Code: 13417-430
Ph.: (55) 19 3411.5680

The Brahma Kumaris Organization develops its activity in Piracicaba since 1984. Since 2005 it has a new building, large and comfortable, designed to grant ideal conditions for its activities. This was an important achievement for the BK Organization, which during this period received more than 10,000 persons who benefited from its courses, classes, meditation and lectures.

Based on Raja Yoga meditation, the purpose of the Brahma Kumaris Organization is to improve the quality of life, developing activities which awaken high conscience and command over thoughts, words and actions.

This behaviour, applied to daily life through meditation, grants control over the flow of thoughts, which results in mental, physical and spiritual well-being.
The BK Organization, acknowledged as a Public Utility Institution, promotes events for the community and, in 2000, joined forces with the 2000 Manifesto – For a Culture of Peace, launched by the UN and UNESCO. At that time, it involved many entities, public health and culture agencies, in activities in which the participants experience peace and tranquillity.

Events such as this one, organized by its students and volunteers, turned the BK Organization into a reference in this indefatigable work for peace inside and out of individuals.

Today, whoever is interested, upon arriving at the BK Organization centre can get acquainted with its activities, courses, talks and practical spirituality classes, in an environment carefully prepared to offer silence and tranquillity.

Self-knowledge and transformation of values are now the objective of many persons who understand that the way to improve life conditions in the planet, rescue citizenship and preserve nature requires rescuing inner values.

The BK Organization in Piracicaba invites all to visit its centre, get acquainted with its activities, so that together we can follow this inspiring journey of self-transformation to a better and happier life. 


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