Develop Mastery in Creating Pure Elevated Thoughts

Dear Friends,

Om shanti.  This is the time to develop an elevated awareness of being a soul living in a body.  What is the relationship between what is going on “out there,” and the thoughts and feelings I have inside?  Can I, the soul, take care of the creation of thoughts?  Yes.  I am responsible for the creation of thoughts.  I can create negative, degraded thoughts or pure and elevated thoughts.  The pattern of my thoughts leaves a subtle imprint and creates my feelings.  If I am not conscious, I may unintentionally carry the feelings from one situation into the next.

The soul is an invisible living life force, expressing itself in any given situation.  The intellect has the ability to sort what is useful from what is not useful.  Part of the spiritual journey is to let the subtle unconscious phenomena become conscious.  As I develop mastery in this regard, I can serve the world.

Dadi Janki

#13 2011-09-23 18:53 - nisha

really true dadi....salute u to be like this...baba (God) realy make my life a golden

#12 2011-07-01 02:23 - M.Devi
Really true we do not realise the consequence of our thoughts if only this message could reach everyone on this earth..
#11 2011-06-20 11:01 - urja

Through raj yoga i realised who i am and what is my relationship with Paramatma - The Supreme soul. Im a child of God who is pure. Im a energy being,a peaceful soul.

#10 2011-06-18 04:14 - Hridaya merchant

My life has changed completely, thank you baba. My soul has now awakened, and finds peace in all. I want my family also to do the Rajyog 7 day course. I would like to visit Mount Abu and spend more precious time.

#9 2011-06-17 13:57 - SANJOY GHOSE
It is futile to look for happiness and peace within periphery of earthy relationships.

But, today’s commercial spirituality does not advocate such harsh views of Chapter XV Geeta, which says a person must develop a sense of disregard to his son, wife, house etc., and sense of detachment from all good and bad incidents including birth & death in family.

Target is “Brahmi Stithi”. But, the road to that has to be traveled alone practicing control of mind by detachment..
#8 2011-06-16 18:51 - Kapil Garg
I am not enjoying now earlier i enjoyed alot
#7 2011-06-15 11:53 - Yogeesha

Om Shanti. I enjoy doing Raj Yoga meditation. It helps to calm the mind and give the right type of knowledge. Thanks & Regards.

#6 2011-06-15 06:13 - Luu Nguyen Thu Ha

I attended the Peace of Mind Retreat (POM) in 2009 and the spiritual experience gained from there followed me all the way and really changed my thoughts to positive. Since then, whenever I faced problem, I sat in silence, recalled sharing from participants and my strong emotions when meditating on the top of the mountain (Baba's rock). And surprisingly, my mind becomes clear and solution comes. 

#5 2011-06-14 14:20 - raj singh

I attended the beginner programme at Mount Abu which was quite beneficial for me and changed my life's completely.

#4 2011-06-13 18:51 - Indranie Sharma
Om Shanti. I enjoy doing Raj Yoga meditation. It help to calm the mind and give the right type of knowledge. I did the courses at the centre in High Street, Kingston, Guyana. In 1994. Om Shanti.
#3 2011-06-13 15:42 - OM PRAKASH

If you is better, than it is better. Your thought can change your life. Before starting anything there comes a picture in our mind or soul. Whether it is regarding career or the spiritual world.. 

#2 2011-06-12 12:49 - Sridevi
Yes whatever we r creating unconciously now we can create it conciously. So now what we choose to create joy or misery?...abviously joy that much intelligence every one should have.
#1 2011-06-11 12:09 - Piyush:)

It is true that one of the main parts of the spiritual journey is to make what is in the unconscious mind conscious. This will greatly help a person to change his thought process into pure and elevated thoughts.

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