The Five Subtle Elements Within

Dear Friends,

Om shanti.  Just as the physical world is made up of the 5 elements the subtle world within us consists of 5 elements – mind, intellect, conscience, memory track and heart. If I have to go somewhere physically, I may have to get on a plane and travel there. To go inside – to explore these things – I have to make my intellect plain. Why do we say the intellect has to be plain, not the mind? Because the intellect decides. It explains to the heart. It keeps the mind in order. Then the conscience supports the intellect’s decision and says, “Yes, this is right; do this.”

There is such a vast contrast between soul consciousness and body consciousness. In order to understand the self, go into the subtle aspects of it. Have you any old images on your memory track? If so, whether it’s of yesterday or years ago, remove it and become a conqueror of attachment and an embodiment of the remembrance of One.

We have to destroy attachment. There is ego, anger, greed attachment and lust and all of these are connected with one another. Sometimes the heart realizes its mistake, and then there are tears. Sometimes anger comes when we want to follow our own desires: when we don’t get what we want, we get angry.

The physical region is outside, the subtle region inside, so let us sit quietly and look at ourselves inside. The physical heart is in the body but the subtle heart says: “The body is here, and I have to go inside, into the subtle realm”. The mind and intellect make the heart good, and then heart becomes happy. Previously, we hadn’t understood with our hearts, but now we have understood the true and subtle things, who we are and who we belong too.  God gives us a lot of love.

With love,

Dadi Janki

#2 2011-07-06 14:30 - Moderator

Maharaj:  Self realization is a practice of being in the awareness that you are a soul.  A point of concsient energy, a living being, separate from this body, but experiencing life through the body.  God is not within.  However, in order to connect with God, we need to become introverted, remove our intellects from the gross "outside' world and become subtle, that is, become soul conscious and remember God.  God is also a subtle being of light a concsient being, however 'He' doesn't have a body of 'His' own, so to communicate with God we need to get on the same wavelength.  Through the practice of meditation we can achieve this.  If you are keen to find God, we suggest that you find the nearest Brahma Kumaris center and take the meditation course, this will help you on your journey and is, we believe, the fastest possible route.

#1 2011-07-06 10:58 - Maharaj k Jalali
Her holiness Dadi Janki,
I want to know where is God, what is self realization, spiritual people say look inside, look within, dont find God outise,It is my dillemma to know hw to look within and find God within . i hav tried umpteen times but cudnt find God anywhere,I am keen to find God, pls show me the way to find God in the shortest possible time.
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