What is spiritual service?
Dear friends:

Today I was churning on the question:  What is spirituality really?  How can I experience spirituality and then use that to serve?  There are many people who want to do something good for the world because they realize that things are not right.  Think about the depth of spirituality and emerge that in your self and in your work.

Realize whatever you have to do, and do it now.  Have the feeling that you are an instrument.  Be truthful, patient, and humble.  Keep good feelings for others with humility. Be careful what you say to others. Be careful how you speak to others. Don’t keep saying or thinking that ‘things should be like this, or like that’.   

What is spiritual service?  First of all learn how not to be careless.  Learn how to care. We have to first care and then share.  Make your life such that on seeing you others are inspired by the way you are.  Keep your spiritual gifts in an emerged form.  Have pure and elevated vision for everyone.  Pay attention to this aspect of 'drishti.'  When my vision is spiritual, then my service will be spiritual!  I first see, then I do.  

with love
BK Janki

#9 2010-09-21 14:31 - mahesh doifode
apne mujhe parmatma se miladiya.thankyou dadi for inspiring us.you had shown a good path of life.
#8 2010-08-03 23:17 - Moderator
Bina:  To be an instrument means to feel that when you serve others you do not feel that you are doing it, but that God is getting it done through you.  (just as a musician blows through the trumpet to make the sound - it is the musician that is blowing - the trumpet (the instrument) is the vehicle for the sound.  When you do an action in the remembrance of God, with no feelings of attachment to the outcome, or the feeling that you are accomplishing the task, then you are an instrument.  In this awareness your attitude, vision and actions are filled with humility because there is no 'I' or 'mine' involved. 
#7 2010-07-30 20:44 - bina
Dear Dadi, please elaborate on "Have the feeling that you are an instrument". is it like we should feel we are like God's instrument to care and share.
#6 2010-07-30 20:32 - Bina
Dear Dadiji, I was worry sometimes the way I speak to my near ones because of anxiety. Some rough phases in past have made me like this. I will always remember this message Dadi: Be careful what you say to others. Be careful how you speak to others.

As you said "Make your life such that on seeing you others are inspired by the way you are" , my grandmother is one, by seeing her I feeling like becoming like her. She was in BK for the passed 30 years, today she left her body, she is near God, Shiva Baba. When I was 6-7yrs old , she taught me to meditate. Om Shanti.
#5 2010-07-29 04:45 - Lt Col Ashok Naidu (Retd)
Dadi Ji I agree your view on spiritual service. We have to identify each soul talents and train them in meditation and "deploy" them as a powerful and peaceful spiritual army (Shakti Sana). Om Shanti.
#4 2010-07-11 11:14 - R D
Dadiji, after going through this message really it is possible for someone to provoke the feeling of spirituality in his or her life and to act upon this even in my life i am also in contact with these sayings from a long ago and after this period of life i am now slowly understanding what is really going on and now i can think upon many things of this concern but the thing or point at which i always stopped is that what we are doing here in short i want say that only one question that. Why was life started on this earth? I cant think on this or no ideas till today i got in my life..............
#3 2010-07-11 10:37 - abhishek singhania
this is really a new way to go towards spirituality. This is also a good mantra (truthful, patient, and humble) to be a succesful in all areas of life.
#2 2010-07-07 14:27 - Dr Rashmi Jain
This is indeed a wonderful expression .A new sight to work spiritually. Thanks a lot.
May this message spread to all and bless with enlightenment.
#1 2010-07-07 01:29 - JIM
Thanks, your comment gave me a renewed understanding, presence, purpose and peace. 
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