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Helsingin pääkeskuksessa on pieni BK-Shop, jossa myydään henkistä kirjallisuutta, musiikki- ja meditaatio CD:itä ja julisteita. BK-Shop on avoinna puoli tuntia ennen ja jälkeen tapahtumien.

Laajempi valikoima löytyy Brahma Kumariksen nettikaupasta,



The Cycle of Time

Deep colours are used to show the passing of time. Brahma Kumaris ...  Lue lisää.


Tree of Humanity

Understand the history of time with this powerful image of a tree. Brahma Kumaris ...  Lue lisää.


Point of Consciousness

Focus on the point and experience being taken to a world beyond our material consciousness. Brahma Kumaris ...  Lue lisää.



Wisdom for the Day - A Timeless Desktop Calendar Artist : Brahma Kumaris The beauty of wisdom is that it is timeless and simple. A special Desktop Calendar that can be given as a gift at any time of the year! Inspiring slogans for every day of the year. ...  Lue lisää.


Flying Free

Songs from the heart that inspire and uplift the soul. by Lucinda Drayton ...  Lue lisää.


Food and Soul Vegetarian Cookbook

A vegetarian cookbook that shows how the consciousness of the cook directly affects the bodies, minds and emotions of those who eat the food. Nayna Dattani ...  Lue lisää.


Pure & Simple

All the ingredients, everything that goes into the recipes, including the thoughts and attitude of the cook, are PURE and the method preparation is SIMPLE. Together that adds up to a unique and delicious mix of meals for all the family. Sister Jayanti ...  Lue lisää.


365 Days Of Wisdom

This book of thoughts will enrich your life every day of the year. A companion to the bestselling Wisdom for the Day Calendar, it offers 365 short but profound spiritual thoughts, one to inspire each day. Dadi Janki ...  Lue lisää.


Inside Out -A better way of living, learning & loving.

Inside Out is a facinating guide to the ways of thinking and being that will enable us to live with peace, love and happiness, drawing those qualities from an inner source and radiating them out into the world. Dadi Janki ...  Lue lisää.


God’s Healing Power with CD

World-renowned spiritual teacher B.K. Jayanti reveals how a regular meditation practice can help us tap into a higher power. Sister Jayanti ...  Lue lisää.

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