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The enemy of happiness is wasteful thoughts


Dear Friends,

Om shanti.Do you believe it is possible to feel happy and fulfilled
constantly? It is possible, but it requires that you pay attention.The
enemy of happiness is wasteful thoughts.It is essential to stop thinking
about your past and the past of others.It is also important to stop
seeing the defects of others.Even to think about these weaknesses
creates a karmic account and finishes off your internal good feelings.

So, if you stop yourself from thinking wasteful thoughts, what do you
think about instead? The most elevated place to focus your mind is on
God.First, consider yourself to be a soul, a subtle being of light and a
child of God, and then connect your thoughts with God.Let your mind
create a natural relationship with God and you will experience happiness
and fulfillment.As you make this the habit of your mind and heart, you
will find yourself feeling constantly happy.

With love,

Dadi Janki

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