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Tagaytay Retreat Center

28 Nov

Inner Peace, Inner Power: Raj Yoga Intensives


Nov 28-30, 4pm Fri – 4pm Sun

Put the world on hold as you take time out to rest and re-create your life. These two- to three-day self-serving, spiritual spa is meant for professionals and extremely busy people to explore new ways of seeing and being. Treat yourself to very precious, very personal time and space.

•Recharge and discover new ways of seeing and experiencing the self;
•Discover and understand the inner world of thoughts, feelings, values;
•Develop spiritual skills and inner strengths to face the challenges of the world outside.

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14 Dec

Happy Endings, New Beginnings


Starts at 9:00AM, Ends at 4:00PM

The end of the year is a time to appreciate the lessons, gifts and blessings of 2014 and prepare to use what we have gained, in order to face the surprises of the coming year with courage, stability and calmness.

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