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Welcome to Brahma Kumaris Switzerland

Life in today's world is fast and intense. People often find it difficult to cope with change and to concentrate on what is essential.

At the Brahma Kumaris centres in Switzerland we teach raja yoga meditation as a method to re-connect with our inner potential of peace and to access our spiritual and mental capacities. Through meditation and quiet reflection solutions to the problems we face in everyday life can be found.

On this website you will find different services we provide for meditation and quiet reflection as well as information on the courses, seminars and other activities that we offer.

Agenda | Upcoming

Genève - académie des arts thérapeutiques - conférence


Zürich - Meditation und Vortrag


Basel - Meditation


LUGANO - studio massagi medicali - corso gratuito


Zürich - Meditation



Roue des valeurs

Roue des valeurs

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