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Social Work

Since 1998 over 150 Social Work managers and 500 Social Work staff from the public, private and voluntary sectors, have attended retreats at the Global Retreat Centre, near Oxford.

The Social Workers’ retreats give participants an opportunity to reflect upon their inner values and learn about and share spiritual skills, techniques and insights. This enables them to sustain their inner resources and empower them to work with some of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people in our society.

In response to growing demand, the Brahma Kumaris also now organise regular one day seminars and events in London and Oxford to supplement the residential weekends. We also offer tailored “Away Days” for social work teams.

Social Workers’ Retreat

Each retreat consists of a mixture of talks and workshops, interspersed with opportunities for reflection and meditation, (link to meditation page) in a peaceful and positive environment. Themes explored include:

  • The spirit of social work
  • Living dignity
  • Courage and compassion
  • Leading from within
  • Managing with integrity
  • Find the power to manage in a climate of fear and constant change

Social Workers' Experiences

Participants have left feeling refreshed with a renewed sense of purpose, and with a clearer understanding of the importance of spirituality in both their work and personal lives.

“I was feeling very stressed and burnt out at work. I saw, what I remember, to be a scrap of paper offering a retreat for social workers. The closing date was that day so I completed it and sent it off. It seemed that many different events were militating against my attending the retreat. However, on my arrival I received a homely welcome that I never expected because it was so real and genuine. My accommodation was stately; the course was facilitated with love and patience. It all felt like a dream – a peaceful environment with kind, helpful people. I noticed how we, the participants, lingered around at the end, not wanting to leave.” - Lernor Findlay, Social Worker – Children Looked After Team

"The Spirit of Social Work Retreat was a beautiful and truly insightful experience. The beauty lay in the simplicity of the realisation that I had everything that I needed within myself. I just needed to be open and aware enough to see this. The power that silence brings to the soul is one realisation that will remain with me forever, and one that I am still practising." - Jackie Bradford, Social Worker - Fostering Outreach

For more information, please contact: Christine Bell
Tel +44 (0)20 8727 3358

or Els Braeken
Tel +44 (0)20 8727 3358

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