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Inner Spaces in the UK

The Innerspace Experience

Inner Space ....
.... time to relax, recharge and refresh

The Inner Spaces have been at the forefront of the Brahma Kumaris' vision of bringing personal insights and calm to the heart of the city, making it accessible for local communities and businesses.

Urban life for many people can be stressful, and if you're looking for a break from your busy schedules, the Inner Space centres offer a supportive, inspiring environment in which to seek spiritual solutions, and find some peace and tranquillity - just a few steps away!

Each Inner Space offers free courses and lectures, a Quiet Room and a bookshop.

Courses such as Meditation, Positive Thinking, Self Esteem, Stress Free Living, Time Management are designed to inform, enrich and empower.

Lectures offer an interesting and an enlightening outlook on life, relationships, spirituality, relaxation and personal development.

The Quiet Room is a peaceful oasis available for you to drop-in and to take time out to recover and refresh your energy with relaxing music in the background and comfortable chairs.

You are welcome to shop or simply browse through a wide range of books, magazines and CDs available from the bookshop to learn more and experience the benefits of meditation and self-development in your day-to-day life.
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