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Welcome to Brahma Kumaris in California

As the Golden State, California is known for its wide array of natural beauty. One of California’s hidden treasures is its Brahma Kumaris centers. With seven centers located throughout the state, these oases of peace share meditative tools for self transformation. The first Brahma Kumaris center in California was founded in San Francisco in 1978.

The San Francisco Bay Area is a legendary haven of peace, harmony, tolerance and respect for all people. The Brahma Kumaris have worked to sustain these ideals through their interfaith work and spiritual sustenance. Throughout California, people are welcome to visit the Brahma Kumaris centers to experiment with a higher level of consciousness called soul consciousness. Springing from a spiritual perspective, individuals are viewed as souls and humankind is viewed as our family. We offer instruction in Raja Yoga meditation and programs for self development, including positive thinking and inner leadership. We advocate and practice peace, integrity and respect for all. These are values that allow us all to create kindness, trust and harmony in our communities.

Thought For Today

H onour is given to someone who does something good and then moves on.


Upcoming Events

Shivratri Celebrations and World Peace Meditation
Meditation for World Peace
Forgive, Forget, Move On - Meditation Workshop
Monday Nights: Developing More 'Sense'ible Relationships
Meditation Open House



The Call of Our Time

By Dadi Janki

Dadi Janki

Secrets of self-progress

Dear friends, Om shanti. There are two secrets to self-progress. One is to understand the soul and the other ...

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