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Welcome to the Brahma Kumaris in Florida

Florida is the state that is drenched in sunlight all year long. Its lush, tropical landscapes make it a favorite spot for vacations. In keeping with the Florida spirit, the Brahma Kumaris centers, throughout the state, are tranquil, soothing environments that provide a vacation for the soul. They offer a safe place where people can leave the burdens of the world behind and enjoy the magic of spirituality. There is always an open door, where students and teachers welcome everyone and provide a strong spiritual resource for self growth.


 Each Florida center offers a selection of courses and lectures in Raja Yoga topics including meditation, positive thinking and spiritual development. They provide the knowledge and tools needed to relax, refresh and clean both the mind and the heart. In addition to courses, workshops, seminars and programs, the centers also offer spaces where people from all walks of life can gather to experience rich conversations and a sense of community with others on the path of personal development.



Whether you choose to stop in for a meditation, a class or an evening of conversation, you are sure to experience a spiritual vacation and a warm place where life-long learning and self development are as constant as the Florida sun.