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Margate Home

Margate's blue waterways and soft gentle breeze provide an inviting environment for a welcome change of pace. So too, the Margate, BK. Meditation Center provides a spiritually rich environment for change at a deeper, spiritual level.
The Margate center focuses on the development of the ‘Whole Person’ and as such offers a variety of courses, and programs in meditation, positive thinking, anger management and stress free living, all aimed at development of mind, heart and spirit. The goal is to be better equipped with the tools to thrive rather than just survive in the current fast changing world climate.

Dreams of change take birth in the heart but old patterns of thinking and acting keep our dreams out of reach and cause us to resist important changes in our lives. The Margate team of dedicated students and teachers, through ongoing courses, workshops, and programs are willing to systematically guide the change process and to recognize those deep-seated inner resistances. It then becomes easy to let go of old and destructive patterns and positively embrace deep transformational changes from within – an inside out approach to change.  

The Margate Center offers the following weekly courses and programs:

  • Foundation Course in Raja Yoga Meditation   
  • Anger Management
  • Stress Free Living
  • Group meditation