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Miami Home

Miami is an expanding  global city pulsating 24 hours a day with the lives of it s diverse cultures, ethnicities and tourist attractions. Amidst all this there is a place more like Florida's unique eco-system, the Everglades, a place where time slows down and one can sink into the deep rest of inner peace. The BK Meditation center in Miami has been open for 25 years and has been guiding souls on their journey inwards.

Living  in these times of tremendous change  there is often a huge gap between who we are now and the person these times are asking us to become. Strangely enough, it is only by slowing down and going within that we can  catch up to the vision time has for us. With the practice of meditation you will develop  tools you can use to tap into  and explore your own spiritual reservoir and by drawing on which you can move into a life of  increased wisdom, joy, adventure and service to humanity.

The Miami center offers the following weekly classes and meditation sessions. For a schedule please click on the calendar of events.