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Weekly Reflections

clearthinkingJuly 20, 2009
Personality Change: Part III.
Self Discovery - Living from Inside Out

Last week we reminded ourselves that life is like a huge stage on which we find ourselves playing many scenes, where each scene gives us the opportunity to play a different role, where each role will require a creative shift in our personality as we emerge the appropriate character traits and tendencies. This kind of internal flexibility in our relationship with life means we also require tremendous inner stability as we create the personality traits that will allow us to play the right role, in the right way, at the right time. It means we need a clear sense of 'who I am' so that we do not get lost in, and confuse ourselves with, the traits that we create.

The original root meaning of personality is 'mask'.

Unfortunately many of us learn to create and wear the wrong kinds of masks. The first mask you are taught to wear is the one that you see in the bathroom mirror every morning. It's your face. But it's not you. If you believe that you are what you see in the mirror it will influence the formation of the second mask, which is the kind of person you want others to see you as. Behind that mask is the kind of personality you want to be, and sometimes fantasize that you are. And behind that mask is the actual personality you have created up to this moment in your life. So many masks, and we identify with each one at different times, so it is perhaps no surprise that most of us learn to live in, and cope with, an ongoing identity crisis! Those that cannot will do strange and often extreme things.

But you are not a mask. You are you. You wear a mask but who is the wearer, who is the creator of the masks, who is the creator of all these 'possibilities of personality'. The authentic self is the being who thinks, feels and decides. You are that 'self', a being that is conscious and self aware. Prior to the inner actions of your consciousness such as thinking, feeling and deciding, there is your nature. Personality is not nature. So what is nature? Your nature is your true, underlying, unchanging state of being. It is the heart of your consciousness. That true state is always peaceful, always pregnant with the intention to love and forever in a state of the deepest human happiness, which is a blissful contentment. These are the innate attributes of the human spirit, the core of the soul that each human being is. It's not that you have a soul or spirit, you are the soul, and you radiate spiritual energy at every moment of your life.

So why do you not 'feel' and 'be' your true nature? Why do you not feel peaceful, loveful and content at all times, in all places? Because you forget who you are and what you are, and you identify with what you see with your physical eyes (your body) and with what you have created (your personality). This means you perceive your self as something temporary and therefore something that decays. This gives rise to sadness at the gradual loss of youth and health. It also gives rise to anger at the inability to control the decaying process, resentment towards those who falsely promise that you can control it, and fear of the inevitable outcome. These emotions of sadness, anger and fear then become a continuous background noise of your life, influencing how you create your personality traits and tendencies in every scene that you play.

The deepest and most empowering shift any human being can ever make is the realization of their true spiritual identity and nature. And it goes something like this. "I am a spiritual being and not the form I occupy. My true and eternal spiritual nature is peaceful, loving and contented, which can never be taken from me". Once realized it is not a question of 'forcing' these inner, spiritual attributes out into the world through your personality. If the realization is genuine, and beyond just another belief system, they will emerge naturally through your thoughts, feelings, attitudes and actions. Any form of stress, anytime and anywhere, is simply a sign you have forgotten your self again, and fallen asleep again, to who you are and what you are.

To create your personality according to who and what you are at a spiritual level is not the result of believing some new or ancient belief system. Nor is it the outcome of a clever psychological process. It is the result of self-realization and the internal expansion of self-awareness. It's as if waiting inside every human being there is the original blueprint, the original spiritual attributes and therefore the true original personality of that being. Go there now, be there now. It is the journey of one second and no distance. The method is always meditation.

Question: Why do you think so many people take life far too seriously?

Reflection: Visualize the personality of a good mother, a good friend, a good father. What attributes do you see coming into view? Write them down. Notice how they are all grounded in love.

Action: Dedicate one day during in this coming week when you will determine to remain peaceful and contented regardless of what happens or what anyone else says or does.


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