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Why is Raja Yoga Meditation Unique ?

  • Meditation is practiced with the eyes open. We have to face people, situations and challenges with our eyes open.
  • There are no postures, no physical exercise and no breathing exercise. We take our mind beyond the influence of the body. This creates an experience of freedom and deep inner peace. The body automatically relaxes: "mind over matter."
  • There are no mantras, chanting, rituals or scriptures. We learn to make our mind our best friend and harness its power. This brings about newness in the way I think about myself and the world I live in.
  • There are no gurus, disciples or followers. We learn to be leaders through our own life example.
  • Involves understanding the 'self' and the 'Supreme Being.' First, know one's own spiritual identity. Second, draw power from the source of spiritual power, the Supreme Being.

Yoga involving exercise is called Hatha Yoga.

Raja Yoga is pure spiritual experience.

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