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What is Rajayoga?

What is Raja Yoga ?

Raja (King)  -   Yoga (Communication)
Raja Yoga is communication between the self and the Higher Being (God).
Raja Yoga is not physical exercise, rather it is an easy mental exercise.
Raja Yoga transcends the mind beyond the body and creates lasting peaceful experiences.

What is yoga?

The ancient meaning of yoga is union or connection.
Therefore, yoga is what the mind is linked to.
Watching T.V. is having yoga with the T.V.
Thinking of someone is having yoga with that person.
Exercising the body is having yoga with the body (also known as Hatha Yoga).

What is the difference between Raja Yoga and yoga that involves exercise?

Raja Yoga meditation connects the mind directly to the Source of spiritual power. This creates a peaceful personality, a strong mind and a healthy body.
Yoga that involves exercise focuses the mind on the body.  The body relaxes, but a mental exercise is required to make the mind strong.  
All other types of yoga connect human beings with human beings.  Raja Yoga meditation connects human beings with the Incorporeal One, and that is the most unique yoga of all !

Raja Yoga is the most ancient yoga of India.
It is the king of all yogas.

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