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Welcome to Brahma Kumaris in Oregon

Meditation is an acknowledgement of the divine that is within each of us. To meditate is to make a conscious effort to control and direct the thinking process. Thoughts are such delicate things, and yet their quality dictates the whole nature of our lives. Meditation is a magic carpet with which we can travel through the landscapes of our inner world and discover the wonders of our elevated self. It takes us behind the mask.

Meditation is not just thinking; it is purposeful contemplation directed towards a worthwhile goal. In meditation, awareness and feelings are also significant factors that shape the experience. Meditation practiced with knowledge and understanding will lead to the realization of eternal truths. Peace of mind will be one of the first experiences. As the mind comes under your control, waste thoughts that use up more than 80% of our mental energy will be all but eliminated. Then as you grow in clarity and power, mental abilities such as creativity, concentration and good judgment will emerge.

This realization of your strengths will further calm the mind and instill confidence in the process. Continue to water the flowers of your virtues by paying attention to them. Give space to qualities that you want, so that they may flourish with the happiness and enthusiasm of bringing peace and support into the lives of those you touch.