Good actions bring many blessings

Dear Friends,

Om shanti.  Remember that the Lord is pleased with an honest heart. If you have made a mistake, ask for forgiveness, and from now onwards don’t make further mistakes. Sometimes, due to bad company, we may become influenced and commit a wrong deed.                      

I only want to perform deeds that make God happy with me.  When I perform good deeds, I become happy. It is an incognito happiness. On seeing me, others also want to do good deeds, and as a result of this I get blessings, and I, in turn, want to do more good deeds.  The good deeds then bring blessings again.  God tells us that it is everyone’s blessings that enable us to move forward and make spiritual progress.  Don’t ask for blessings but understand that your good actions bring many blessings.  Blessings do their own work in making you move ahead spiritually.

With love, 
BK Janki


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Words for the World - Silence

Spiritual teacher Dadi Janki reveals how going into deep silence brings about the experience of true peace and happiness.

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