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BKWSU Centres in Mauritius

"End of Year Message ... Greetings of Peace and Divine Love"

At the end of the year, an exercise of crucial importance calls us to cast an overview of our year’s achievements, situate ourselves in the context of our personal life and also on a collective level, be it in our family, organisation, workplace, country or just the whole huge world. Amidst a multitude of conflicting scenarios, our mind and heart are pulled in thousand directions ...
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"Om Shanti"
I am most grateful to the faith I have developed after becoming Baba’s Child. For me, connecting to the Supreme Source is to be armed with a divine golden shield of protection against any adversity; a shield, which not only makes one more beautifully powerful just by accessing it through Remembrance; but also, one, the magic shine and glow of which suffice in neutralizing effects of harmful drishties. ...
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Je dois dire que la notion de spiritualité n’avait aucune résonance en moi. La dévotion me comblait. Et puis, voilà qu’un jour des âmes de l’organisation Brahma Kumaris sont venues nous rendre visite dans notre demeure familiale. Des âmes dévouées qui, chaque jour, nous initiaient à la connaissance spirituelle du Raja Yoga ...
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