Accumulate inner strength.
Dear friends:

With the power of yoga/remembrance we should accumulate inner strength.  With a pure and benevolent attitude create such an atmosphere in which other souls have a feeling of belonging.  

The atmosphere is created according to the attitude we hold and the words we speak.   Words have depth when the head and heart are aligned to a higher purpose.  It should not be that the head understands, but the heart is distant or closed.  Understanding should become clearer and clearer, so that the clarity touches and opens the heart.  When clarity of understanding touches the heart, everything that is false is finished and the heart remains clean and clear.  This can happen, practically, now through our spiritual efforts.  

With clear understanding, one realizes what reality is.  This realization gives rise to royalty, and honor is upheld.  Upholding honor is to be set on the seat of self-respect.  If one is not set on the seat, who will listen to them?  There are three seats for the soul to sit on -- the seat of the forehead, the seat of the heart, and the seat of being a master.  All 3 seats are open and vacant.  Just take any one you want!

With love

BK Janki

#20 2010-10-03 13:27 - Moderator
Jaya: If it has happened it was in the drama of life to happen and yes
sometimes we know or feel what is going to happen.  It could be foresight;
the mind touching on something that is in the future. And yes thoughts as a
cause do definitely create effect.  Perhaps you have already done a lot of
work in this area that has resulted in intuition.  The responsibility then
is to keep the thoughts pure, elevated and filled with good wishes for the
self, others and the world.
#19 2010-09-30 09:31 - Jaya
Dear Dadi,

I would like to know,sometimes we have a prior thought on something that is going to happen,Is my mind capturing the thought or am I just thinking it and thats why it happened...
#18 2010-09-23 14:18 - Moderator
Kavita:  It is good that you have completed your meditation course and that it has been helpful in controlling your thoughts.  With daily practice your mind will become more peaceful and it will give you a chance to experience yourself as a being of light and peace.  With this practice you will then be able to connect to God more easily, as God (Baba) is also an incorporeal being of light.  The more subtle and light you become the more you will be able to 'tune' into the same 'wavelength' as God' and be able to access all that God is . .  the Ocean of Love, the Ocean of Happiness, and full of all powers.etc .  Spending time in this way you will gradually deepen your experience and relationship with God and be able to bring Godly qualities into your daily life. Like anything meditation takes practice and determination, but if you keep with it you will be successful and not get so affected by daily ups and downs of life.
#17 2010-09-22 10:55 - kavita
Om shanti dear Dadiji.  I have completed my course and somehow I am even able to control my thoughts... but the problem is that i m not able to find God (Baba) in my daily life and I get disturbed very easily and get motivated also but i m not able to implement Baba's saying ...
Please help me
#16 2010-08-26 14:33 - Moderator
Dev:  To learn meditation you can visit one of our many centers in India.  To find out more go to website for the addresses.
#15 2010-08-24 12:58 - dev rai
Om Shanti,
I was very offset due to finencially,physically, and there were no any way how to get rid off , but i regularly practise yoga ,brething technique ,by doing 6 days course in Art of Living, slowly i am changing, Now i want to do Meditation, but how can i do this? help.
#14 2010-08-18 13:30 - Moderator
Sanjeev: From our knowledge we understand that God is a separate being from us - we are a soul and God is the Supreme Soul.  He therefore doesn't come into us.  We can however link to God and draw strength from God through meditation, specifically Raj Yoga meditation.  If you would like to find out more about this you can visit one of our centers and take a course in this meditation.
#13 2010-08-18 08:23 - Sanjeev Sawhney
I want the God to come and reside in me. I wanna practice and activate the God in me. Please guide me.
#12 2010-08-15 03:45 - sumita
Good morning dadiji.Today we are celebrating 63 years of independence (in India). I just want to ask dadiji are we really independent? From birth as a girl, we have to do whatever our elders say, then youth comes and we have our husband and in-laws; it is as if we are an animal and have to obey whatever they say.  In this process we forget who we are and what my duty is towards myself.  Up until now I lived for everyone else, but everything was in vein. My previous belief system was that if he or she was happy then I would be happy.  But now I  think the reverse is true so thanks dadiji, thanks to myself for me.
#11 2010-08-15 02:43 - nirajan
Our aim in life is to be pure and perfect.God sends us into the corporate world to test and to create a purer and utmost perfect world.
#10 2010-08-14 23:35 - Moderator
Pardeep Sharma:  This is a big question and one answer is that it is the souls destiny to come into the cycle of the drama of life and to play its part.  The tiny soul has its whole part recorded in it and the aim of its life is to express that part.  To come into relationship with other souls, with God, with matter, and to know itself.

#9 2010-08-14 07:51 - Ankit
The first stage of meditation is watching our thoughts. You can start with it now. Wake up in the morning and just watch your thoughts... don't try to stop them...just watch that noise. You can practice doing this whenever you get time. Because before doing this we aren't even aware whats going on in our mind.  You can also go the nearest center to learn it further.
#8 2010-08-14 00:22 - sumita
Its very very essential to accumulate inner strength.  When one faces a day of adverse conditions it requires a constant practice of rajyoga. I myself have experienced whenever i am in deep grief, when everything seems so topsy-turvy i come to the shade of God and i feel really good. So meditation really works. But the moment we are detached from God; illusion and vices catch hold of us.
#7 2010-08-11 01:15 - sumita
Good morning dadiji. You are absolutely right. Cultivation of inner strength is much required these day to overcome adverse situations. It gives us strength of mind and the courage. Actually the thing is that we all have some sort of inner hidden energy with us but until we face situations we cannot exercise that accumulated strength of ours. Reading your message in the morning gives a cooling and soothing effect to the mind and the mind is happy and in a wonderful mood, thus we can do absolutely anything - nothing is impossible. thanking you dadiji for the wonderful work you are doing.
#6 2010-08-10 13:19 - Moderator
Maria:  Meditation is a step by step process which is more easily taught by going to a center near you and taking classes with others or individually.  The Brahma Kumaris have centers in many countries around the world.  If you go to 'Where are you' and then click on center near you, You should be able to find something.  If you live in India then go to the website for their addresses
#5 2010-08-09 09:32 - BANSI BADAN BAIRAGYA
Rajyoga meditation gives me so many benefits. I especially feel God's hand on me at every moment.  Only God gives us unconditional love and this way we can change our life as we are the children, and we can also do this to make the world heaven. I feel so happy to contribute some good wishes minutes for  the 'good wishes bank' program.  It is amazing to severe the world with out any expectation from the BKs.
#4 2010-08-09 08:56 - maria
I agree with meditation can keep us from stress,
Please, tell me how to meditate....
Thank You
#3 2010-08-08 06:01 - sumita
Good morning Dadiji, I read your message. I do agree with you on this topic, but the problem is that whenever we read the message we feel very good but afterward when a real situation comes we are not able to face the situation, because a constant practice of accumulation of inner strength is required to face those adverse situations.  But by the time we repent the incident has already taken place so not to repeat the mistakes time and again we do have to practice regular meditation. Dadiji thank you for the wonderful shanti.
#2 2010-08-07 11:33 - akansha bairwa
I totally agree with this. I do meditation all the time even when I have a lot of work. Meditation is not only when you sit alone and close your eyes, and remember the God. Meditation is a life style, its self realization or you can say when you recognize yourself and others.  If you understand we are souls, every one is a soul you can communicate easily, interact easily.  Meditation brings results.
#1 2010-08-07 08:39 - Pardeep Sharma
"Om Nama Shivaya"

First, I want to ask something
what is our aim in life why god should send us on the earth.
to free from 84 laks chakras or ????????
Waiting for your response

Bhole ka bhagat
Pardeep Sharma

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