Dear Friends,

Say “om shanti” 3 times.  First, I am a soul.  Second, I belong to God who is the Almighty Authority.  And third, what is our task at this time?

Understand the depth of each point.  The soul has the aspects of mind, patterns of personality, and intellect.  Go into the depth of that and draw others with your experience of soul consciousness.  The knowledge of the soul should be very clear in the intellect.

The world talks about God, and at this time we have the realization that we souls truly are the children of God.  Our awareness of this brings us close to Him.

And finally, this is the auspicious time.  We have to finish violence.  We should not perform any wrong actions.  At this time we take the power from God to do elevated actions.  Whatever we have done, that is finished.  It is the past. 

Revise your knowledge of these 3 aspects again and again.  One is to revise and another is to have realization.  Through this there is transformation.

With love,

BK Janki

#8 2014-06-01 06:05 - uzma
As salam alaikum(means may god shower peace on u),
thank u dadi is highly motivating to read your is a magical word which is powerful and as far as i know it is collective meaning of the creator,saviour and the destroyer.. it means it is the name of God..and we say in arabic-" ala bezikr allahe tat mainnal qulub" which means "verily in the remeberance of Allah the heart find peace" we all r humans and brothers..there is no difference or discrimination on the basis of color,cast,religion etc. we all have the same origin. we are 99.98 pcnt same.
#7 2014-05-31 09:31 - Moderator

anil c.v. tichur Kerela:  We are souls children of God, the Supreme Soul.  God is for ever pure and full of all virtues where as we, who come into the physical world, gradually loose our purity and spiritual power.  Crultiy and giving sorrow to ourselves and others, comes from the vices which have emerged in us as we have lost our origional purity and done actions that have created negative karmas.  Now is the time to revert back to our origional pure selves by connecting with God through yoga (meditation) and draw power, purity, love, peace and truth back into ourselves and the world.

#6 2014-05-27 08:58 - DR Sohini Shukla.

One should surrender to God and feel that He is with us all  time, watching our each & every action...We should try to be like Brahma Baba in all respects. ShivBaba needs our purity. So try to cultivate purity and then we can easily connect with our God Father Paramatma ShivBaba....our frequency should match with our alokik Father BrahmaBaba as he taught us to remain pure like Hhm....and try to make our soul eligible to connect with God.....Then have faith and try to get rid of negativity and illusion (Maya) by having all the virtues of ShivBaba...Love, Peace, Bliss, Knowledge, Light, & Happiness.

#5 2014-05-27 06:39 - Veena Sahasrabuddhe
Justt mounth I came from Mt.Abu. Doing Rajyog Shibir on 27 th April to 4May 2014, I realized there what is meant by Om Shanti. It not a just two words But when we pronounce them automatically we feel very calm and quiet feelings inside,
When got angry we cannot say Om shanti very easily. So it makes very much difference in us .When we know anger is coming towards us after that we say Om Shanti to each other and we get relaxed very soon. It must be some meditation power behind these two miracle words .After coming to our place we very much missed these two Jaduie words. We just say Om Shanti
#4 2014-05-25 07:45 - ramalingam venkatraman

I get immense pleasure when I read your Msgs
and I am trying to practice as much as I can and
try to share this thought to other souls to whom
I feel, will be benefitted in course of time.

Thanks Dadhiji for pains taking efforts to improve the souls like us,in the shortest time availability.
Yours Spiritually,
Ramalingam Venkaraman,Ambattur,Chennai-600053.

#3 2014-05-25 00:31 - Heavenly
I was speaking with a woman yesterday about how now is the time to fully move forward with the understanding that we have work to do. She agreed. And I for one cannot wait for someone else to do what I said I would come here (to earth) and do. I have come to a great place in my life where I want to know who I truly am so I can carry out my life purposefully. Thank you for touching on that point, since my words are limited I will end by sharing this: "with time the wisdom will pour from your center and you too will know" ~Heavenly Joy

Love & Light Always
#2 2014-05-23 21:37 - anil.c.v. trichur.kerala.
Dear Mother, Great thought. But a question in our mind?We are the part of supreme power? Then how people do all these cruel things .
#1 2014-05-22 06:35 - Gursewak singh
Om shanti
truth is the highest virtue,but higher still is the truth-full living.

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