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Dear Friends

Om shanti. When I experience internal peace and power then I develop love for myself. Human beings always think that others should love them. However, as we develop inner peace and power, we realize that we don’t need anyone else’s love.

When I free myself from seeking anything externally then I become truly free. In order to really become good, I have to be able to love myself.  Never become tired of loving the self.  When I love and respect myself then I can offer love and respect to others.

With love,
BK Janki

#21 2012-02-24 21:08 - Moderator

Puspita Panda:  Love and peace are origional qualities in the soul.   We sometimes do not experience these because we have become disconneced with our true selves. Meditation helps us to access these qualities within oursleves.  Through Rajyoga meditation we also learn how to reestablish a direct connection with God who is the consistant source of all qualities including love, peace, happiness, truth and wisdom.

#20 2012-02-24 20:59 - Moderator

Brabhu Bandia:  Our minds produce many thousands of thoughts and it is a challenge to control these.  Raj Yoga meditation, taught by the Brahma Kumaris is an easy method to bring peace to the minda and focus our thoughts in a positive direction.  If you would like to learn this meditation - you can visit your local BK center which you will find by gong to and go to the tab which says center near you.

#19 2012-02-24 13:58 - purnima choudhary

Dadi, om shanti ,really the messages are very inspirational, the day when i have started watching awekening with bramha kumaris program of sister shivani, i felt myself very happy when i have started changing my thoughts...thanks a lot and now i am planning to attend raj yoga class

#18 2012-02-16 18:43 - sonali

dear dadi janki, i have been going to the morning classes regularly everyday for the last two months. The knowledge and yoga power which i am experiencing is priceless. thank you again and the brahmakumaris for such a wonderful gift. I wish all the souls in the world imbibe this beautiful knowledge and make their lives and others extremely blissful.

#17 2012-02-12 00:26 - Moderator

Shivani Sharma:  "Love for myself" -  Who are you?  Are you a body or a living being of light, conscient energy - a soul.  It is important to get to know your true self, spend time with your self and deeply love yourself before you can love and know others.  You are a soul who inhabits your body.  It is important to take care of your physical body since it is your responsibility, and you experience your life through your body. Your experience will generally be happier if you keep your body healthy, however keeping you, the soul, lovefilled, healthy, and happy is the key.

#16 2012-02-07 01:11 - Moderator

Santoch Kag: Peace and Happiness are the original qualities of the soul, in order to develop these we have to get to know, and spend time with, our true selves. Many, many of us seek peace and happiness from external things, but external things are transitory, and as our expectations are inevitably unfulfilled, sorrow and peacelessness are quick in coming. In order to experience lasting peace and happiness it is necessary to spend to inside and explore our internal treasures. A good way to do this is through meditation. If you are interested in Raj Yoga meditation you can find a center near you on this site of if you live in India, from

 PrapbuBandia: It is the natural capacity of the mind to think. The key is to be able to create positive and powerful thoughts that bring benefit to yourself and others. Thoughts based on the qualities of peace, and that are filled with spiritual love, bring clarity and meaning to our lives. Waste and negative thoughts run fast, meditation will help to develop the strength to direct our minds in the way that we want. Going to a center to learn mediation from a teacher will help you in this endeavor. Watching TV programs can be helpful and inspirational, but to make effort to learn and to put into practice a method is a valuable tool that you can learn and then put into practice in your daily life.

#15 2012-02-05 14:14 - SANTOSH KAG

It is a very good statement but I have one question: How to develope peace and happiness?

#14 2012-02-03 17:56 - chandrani dutta
I have seen your t.v program many time before and try to see it again and again but due to short of time I m missing it.
Today I got your web address and decide to see the whole thing..

First of all I want to thanks for these kinds of website believe me we the people of young generation need it very much to refresh our self form all stress.
Regarding the above mention topic I just can say that its really true and touchable.
#13 2012-02-02 09:15 - b k jagadeesh

om shanti dadi ji thanks for your messages which gives us impression that god is giving us rays of Love, Hope, Belief and Peace, happyness.

#12 2012-01-31 20:06 - Usha
Charan sparsh Dadi ji.
Jab se Awakening with brahamkumari programme dekhna Shuru kiya hai.uske baad rajyog bhi sikha.
Jaise jindagi dekhene ka nazriya hi badal gaya.
bahut hi shanti milti hai.thank you dadiji & sister Shivani.Omshanti.
#11 2012-01-30 15:57 - PRABHU BANDIA

Dadi I do not know how to do maditation. Thousands of thoughts coming in my mind. Kinly show me the way of meditation. I see lactures of shivani sister on Ashtha channel. 

#10 2012-01-30 11:29 - Ankita Singh

thanks dadiji for ur message i love to give God's (Baba's) love to the brothers and sisters of the world bcz as we give we get more and more... 

#9 2012-01-30 06:33 - Karunakaran
Thank you Dadi. Om shanti.
#8 2012-01-27 15:07 - anupama
Your message seems to me like a panacea. Still the irony is most of us are entangled in trifle worries and apprehensions that prevent us to burgeon.
#7 2012-01-27 08:54 - shivani sharma

mam, can you tell me that what is 'love for myself' means? Is it loving your views and respecting your ideology.OR caring about your body.

#6 2012-01-27 07:20 - puspita panda
Thank u Dadi Om Shanti
But why we feel not to receive it
#5 2012-01-26 09:58 - sridevi
Love is nothing to do with the other person it just our creation. when our emotions are pleasent we feel it and spread it, its a state of conciousness.
we love others because of their qualities or we want to give them support etc.., Only god can give us unconditional love.he only lovs us the way we are.
#4 2012-01-25 05:47 - Satyam
I like the following statement so much and I strongly believe the same: "When I love and respect myself then I can offer love and respect to others." Om Shanti.
#3 2012-01-24 17:12 - Shailendra
When we become soul conscious,we feel peace and when we connect to supreme soul GOD Shiva then we feel power.In this way we experience internal peace and power and develop love for myself.Om Shanti.
#2 2012-01-24 14:34 - Brahma
Thank you Dadi. Om shanti.
#1 2012-01-24 10:55 - Sachin

Charan Sparsh

And thanks for your messages which itself gives us impression that god is giving us rays of Love, Hope, Beliefs and Peace all are within us.
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