Kindness is essential to our humanity
Dear Friend,

Om shanti. My experience with most of my friends around the world is that you do have a kind nature. The notion of kindness is living in the word “man-kind.” Kindness is essential to our humanity. In a practical way we experience this kindness as cooperating with everyone with whom we work. For good people, we are duty-bound to have a kind nature.

But there is something else that is beyond duty, and that is compassion.
Compassion goes deeper and comes from our ability to be selfless. The measure of compassion is in our ability to give peace and happiness to others. God is compassionate and He has shown me how to be like Him. God allows us to achieve the impossible, making all things possible through the art of compassionate living.

With love,

BK Janki


# Moderator 2011-01-27 15:34
Yumi:  True compassion
is not week it is full of strength and stability, it is a quality that those around
can rely on to give others strength and empathy, it is filled with the quality’s
of kindness and benevolence.  If we allow
someone to bully us that is because we have an attachment to them in some way
which is making us subservient, we want something from them . . . and this is
why they have a hold on us.
# yumii 2011-01-16 14:49
Om Shanti
Respected dadiji,
Yep,I agree with this messages. But dadi sometimes being compassionate doesn't work. Its easy to be compassionate with unknown persons but with our relatives........its so hard.I always try to be compassionate with my loved ones and I don't accept any acknowledgement from them. But they take my compassionate(soft) nature as my weakness and always tries to take advantage. What should I do then? Should I let them bully me and keep on being compassionate towards them?
# Moderator 2010-06-16 11:19
Helena:  When we do things for others we should try and do it from the heart and with no expectations.  It is expectations that others should be thankful for what I am contributing that causes frustration. As often as not, people do not respond in the way we would like them to, and if we do things hoping to get thanks or at least acknowledgment we are bound to be disappointed.  When we do things because of our own understanding of what needs to be done, as our contribution, and do it freely and with love then there are no strings attached that can pull us - no matter how someone else responds to our action.  If this is sometimes difficult then if we offer our actions to God, who accepts our offering with love, then again we will have no expectations of the other as we are not doing it for their response.  Regarding reading material; perhaps you may like to look at the books and CDs available on this website.
# helena 2010-06-09 11:32
I have the same feelings as Brenda. I feel that people and I mean close family just keep taking advantage of my goodwill expecting my total commitment toward their needs and do no effort to meet mine. Am I doing something wrong? Is my attitude probably not good enough? What shall I do in order not to feel frustated? I cannot attend classes, is there any reading to help?
# Moderator 2010-05-21 17:29
Morgan:  Thank you for your comment.  My suggestion would be to contact your local BK center, which you can find on this web site, and do some of the courses they have on offer.  By focusing more on the spiritual side, your life will become more meaningful and you will begin to understand yourself more deeply, manage your sensitivity and arrogance and see what is important to you.  Becoming selfless is a journey.
# morgan 2010-05-21 15:14
As you perfectly directed In order to give peace &love to others we need an ability to be self-less. My arrogance and oversentive traits seems two big handicaps for not being able to be even close to SELFLESS. I would much appreciate and benefit for any advice you may give me in order to persue a more meaningfull life.Morgan,67 yrs.
Bk Shoba,Pollachi
# Bk Shoba,Pollachi 2010-05-21 10:08
When we become a natural instrument for God then there will be overflow of compassion.We become that and we get merged in God's consciousness. It will be a real and true Great feeling to experience it.
Om shanti.
# Moderator 2010-05-19 15:18
Hansa:  As you give so you receive.  In Dadi's message she says that compassion comes from our ability to be selfless.  By connecting to God who is all compassionate we receive peace and happiness and we are then able to give selflessly, not expecting anything in return to those to whom we 'give'.  We have filled ourselves up from God and we share this with others naturally.
# Jesuin 2010-05-19 09:09
Respected Dadi,
I totally agree with you that compassion is the quality that can make us like Him. It also reinforces that we are all part of the same divine nature of Him, so to be like Him is to be compassionate towards everything around us.

# hansa 2010-05-18 03:38
Is it important to receive compassion before u can give it out?
# Brenda 2010-05-17 09:37
While I would agree that compassion is a valuable gift to have and is totally selfless, I do actually find it difficult to have compassion for those I love the most that wont help me when I need it and ask for it. Compassion from them, despite my giving it to them, just doesn't exist. I give compassion to whosoever there is in my everyday world and hope that in some small way, it makes a difference to not only their lives but others they should meet afterwards. But compassion towards me in helping me now when I need it the most just isn't coming from anywhere. Brenda
yannick wessidjam
# yannick wessidjam 2010-05-15 03:23
i think this is the way the hole world should think. being positive goes a very long way
# satyabrata 2010-05-14 19:42
respected dadi,
i feelvery happy that i am the first to go through this valuable words of yours.i know nothing about dharma,etc..but i felt very sorry that no one has read your you think our society will change one day? will the western culture grasp ours?
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