Learn how to smile
Dear Friend,

Om shanti.  What is needed in the world today is to learn how to smile,
and to make others smile. There are the diseases of so many different
types of negative feelings in today’s world. I have to be such that I
never take any feeling of sorrow into my heart. Never let any matter of
the past or the present sit in your heart. If there is any trace of
anger inside, then finish it completely. I should not get angry myself;
nor should I make others angry with me. Never give any reason to justify
your anger. My task now is to be happy myself and to make others happy.
For this fill the self with specialties.

To fill yourself with specialities, you will need to make effort to
leave your weaknesses. Fill the self with virtues of peace, love, and
bliss, and your weaknesses will finish.  These virtues are the qualities
of God.  As you fill yourself with God's qualities, you will see how you
are able to stay more and more in His company. Those who are similar can
easily stay in each other’s company. The gift you will then receive from
God is to be able to be a detached observer. As a detached observer, you
can be in the company of those who are sad, but not take sadness
yourself.  They will learn how to smile from you.

With love,

Dadi Janki

#26 2013-04-23 19:10 - Margaret McCathie
Only when you keep God as your constant companion, are you able to embibe the virtues and share them with others. Be honest about your weaknesses and take steps to remove them.`I remember Dadi,s words never gove sorrow and never take sorrow that is a sign of self respect.

Om Shanti.
#25 2011-05-26 02:28 - Aman
Om shanti Dadi Ji,

This is very hard to accept what happened is happened for good. Somehow we try to do it but unfortunately things come in our mind & we get back to square one.

I always think, if some thing wasn’t a part of my future, why it happened with me, I was very happy the way I was living & that’s the time I don’t know, how to smile & be happy. I want to be keep quite.

However, keeping what you have said. I will keep on trying to divert my mind & soul towards the supreme GOD, Who is the director of every chapter of our life!

Please take care of yourself.

#24 2011-05-22 12:53 - Anil Patel
Detached observer and that is what I would like to be and continue to smile at the foolishnes of this world. Oh! almighty give me the strenght to be the OBSERVER.....
#23 2011-05-02 10:37 - shila jain
your thoughts r very inspiring n empowering...but its not dat easy in reality ....past is always an hindrance to it ...
#22 2011-03-24 05:12 - Sushil Tyagi
Om Shanti Dadiji, I have been following Brahma Kumaris Raj Yoga for few years now. I am learning everyday how to be happy, peaceful, loving&blissful. I watch the Awakening with Brahmakumaris on Aastha & Sanskar Channels regularly. Your message has again taught me that by filling myself with the virtues of God, I can get rid of my weaknesses & always remain in peace, happiness & in bliss by having constant remembrance of God.
#21 2011-03-15 08:37 - bhavna
I feel that there is something in me which can give me peace but most of the time i don't bother
about it. I feel that it is only God who gives me strength to live&when I am alone i can feel his presence put in practical life i don't use his presence.

for example with the dealing of my parents etc.
#20 2011-03-14 10:09 - B.Vanaja
Omshanti dadi

you always empower me. I learned many things like how to lead life better and make life beautiful.
which was missing in the past. Thank u for connecting me to God.
#19 2011-03-14 10:05 - CHETAN
Om Shanti Dadiji, I am very thankfull to you for changing my life.Whenever I listen you,watch you,read you- I feel empowered and enlightened.
#18 2011-03-10 15:43 - Nitin
whenever me heard U or read ur words, me feel very peace and have more clarity about d internal aspects of self,
I can see your CALMNESS whenever u speak - for me its miracle in today's world, realy u r my inspiration, nd i want 2 be like U as far as mental aspects is concern,
can it be possible?
#17 2011-03-10 14:52 - BK Ashim Bhai
I recall the smiles of Dadi Prakashmani ji. In photos I see and your smiles too and also when I personally see you in Madhuban. I include smiling in my life too, which is God's elevated advice.
#16 2011-03-10 10:07 - rajeev
I am very small to comment on any message by DADI JANKI.I only try to learn. I tried to control my anger and , succeded in it. It may not be 100% but upto some extent. Smile pays always.
#15 2011-03-09 14:28 - jyoti
dear dadiji,
Om Shanti!
you are my inspiration now. the more i read your words the more i feel at peace. god bless you.
#14 2011-03-09 09:50 - manisha
Its very true. Your every message is
empowering us. i have an experience this whatever u said. when I smile to forget whatever has happened
it really makes me feel good. but we have to forget and let go the past to keep smiling, we only remember that we are soul and around me there is world drama in which every scene is accurate. bcoz it is the word of almighty authority my beloved supreme father lord shiv .
#13 2011-03-09 08:52 - Jiten
There are so many stress levels that we go through our everyday routine of life, all we need to understand is our life, also keeping questioning always to yourself, know yourself and start getting your happiness.

followed by my thought: -
'Keeping yourself happy knowing after your stress levels are too high, we need to know who we are and with that walk of life keeping others happy as well.' - Jiten Soni

A very good article or an deep experience to know the best qualities of life which is called happiness. Thanks for sharing.
#12 2011-03-09 03:38 - Ankit
@ Manoj:
See you have two options in life either to take tension or keep attention,,.it ok if you are concerned for your family or your career,..but you have to keep a strict attention that your concern does'nt get changed into tension.,and difference would be if you are concerned you will be stable internally because concern is an energy of love,.,.but tension will always make you feel down ,.,because its a negative energy,.,.Rajyoga meditation helps us to walk on that thin line of being concerned in any situation,.,you can visit your nearest bhramakumaris center and learn rajyoga.
#11 2011-03-08 20:28 - monika rathore
om shanti dadiji ,i m always worry about my future,i know my thinking is very well but i am not able to understand that what should i do for better my future?i always think a lot due to which i am spoil my today.i request to you please give me suggestion what can i do for keep happy without any tension
om shanti
#10 2011-03-08 19:33 - Moderator
Manoj Kumar.  Worry is a habit that many of us have now-a-days and it causes a lot of stress as we go over and over the same thoughts, bringing few solutions.  We have to find the power to stop our minds going over the old and create new ways of thinking.  Our minds belong to us and so we should have control over our thoughts, our thoughts are connected to our feelings, so once we are able to change our thoughts for more positive, constructive thoughts we will begin to feel better and be less stressed.  Meditation helps us understand who we are, where our thoughts come from and how to re-direct those thoughts to create better outcomes.  If you are interested in learning meditation or, perhaps to start with positive thinking, the suggestion would be to visit your local BK center, where these causes are taught regularly.  If you live in India you can find your local bk center by visiting brahmakumaris.org or for centers worldwide visit bkwsu.org (this website). for further details.
#9 2011-03-08 11:17 - hema
Nice message in today's world everyone is searching for happiness but happiness is our original quality, we do not need to search it out side. It is just one thought away, when I think I am a child of Supreme Father I find my self filling with His powers and virtues, through this we can serve others. Om shanti to all.
#8 2011-03-08 11:13 - Dhananjay Gupta
i will surely want to adopt in me these qualities.
#7 2011-03-08 10:11 - papy massamba
Om shanti. Thanks for this message Dadi. Baba must give you many blessings. I must be smiling all the time, every time.
#6 2011-03-07 10:43 - LAURI
I do really appreciate Dadi's words and I hope to have them always clear in my soul, and at hand in my mouth, to share them with those who are in need.  Love Lauri.
#5 2011-03-06 05:34 - priya rogers
beautifully said and so true to the point ...
#4 2011-03-06 01:09 - [email protected]
Om shanti dadiji,
thanks for such an empowering article.
#3 2011-03-05 13:56 - armeen
yes dadi.... happiness can give anyone a new life.. but for that one needs to love oneself and needs gathering with people like you.to get motivated.
....................... dadi you are doing the ultimate job...which can never be paid..... love dadi ji :-) stay happy
#2 2011-03-05 05:40 - Dharmesh
Om Shanti Dadiji. You are always smiling and because of that you have the company of Shiva Baba (God) with you always.Thank you for this secret you have given to me in order to have Shiva Baba constantly with me.
#1 2011-03-05 04:01 - Manoj Kumar
i always worry with my future and faimly future. so i always feel stress every time and my mind always busy for thinking of different things for the same. but i want to live without stress full life. i request you that please advise me what i do.

Manoj Kumar
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