If we want newness in the world, we have to let go of what is old

Dear Friend.

Om shanti.  When we are together, we talk about wanting to create a better world.  The secret of this time is that a better world is being created.  The new world is characterized by purity, honesty, simplicity, and positivity.  So, what should I do?  There should be such a profound power of the positive in me that the negativity finishes.

If we want newness in the world, we have to let go of what is old.  Imbibe the virtues of purity, honesty, and simplicity in yourself and then color others with your company.  Do not be colored by the company of others.  When hospitality is offered in the right way, the old nature can be cured.


BK Janki

#16 2011-12-08 05:21 - Nitya

Om Shanti.. Every morning I use to start my day with your divine thoughts and really these thoughts are as such the words of all the holy books. It gives me the lessons of these in few moments of time. I like the TV program of sister Shivani and her words are really awsome.

#15 2011-10-27 13:55 - Moderator

Anne:  Many of us find it difficult to let go of old ways of thinking, after all we have buillt them up over many years and they have become part of our personality.  One way to help with this is to focus on cultivating the new positive habits.  Whatever we focus on grows.  We also need to have determination that I do not want to think in this old way and when these thougths come up, change them immediately, they will come because they are used to coming, but as we focus more and more on the positive, the negative will melt away.  This kind of negative thinking is aquired, (from circumstances, relationships etc.) it is not really who we are and so by identifying with the positive, loving, healing, nurturing thoughts we connect back to the pure and powerful being that we origionaly were.

#14 2011-10-19 20:30 - Anne
Om Shanti! While I understand that in order to cultivate new positive habits, we must discard the old ones. However, this is the hardest thing for me to do. How do you go about discarding old memories, especially the ones that are so full of pain, sorrow, fear and trauma. I am trying very hard to let go, however I feel like my mind is like a revolving door. The same thoughts and emotions come and go like a revolving door. They never quite leave my side and I find myself in so much frustration, pain and fear that these aweful thoughts will never me. Please help me guide through this.
#13 2011-10-07 16:35 - yadaiah

Om shanti it is greatfully thought and righy know we have to learn about nature.......nature gives us a lot of uses so we should help maximam our abilitly.

#12 2011-10-04 12:59 - Anshu lakra

let the new values become part of our new charactar as we enter in2 a new era. We need 2 cast off old habits (sanskars) n tune in2 the new ones - lets be light n might. Love u Dadi.  In remembranceof the early morning meditations in Madhuban whiich still charge me. 

#11 2011-10-04 11:24 - Zandile
Om Shanti. I think your teaching are so important. My suggestion is to go further than teaching the older generation and go forcefully to teaching them young. I would appreciate the BK team to reach the locations in Soweto and groom our kids - who have lost its way. Some due to poverty and lack of guidance - Parents being absent because they lost life due to HIV. Om Shanti
#10 2011-10-04 11:11 - Namita Malhotra
I could feel that GOD was walking with me always.
My love for GOD is increasing every minute and I feel that the negativity inside me is just vanishing with every passing day. I just feel like loving all and forget about past.
"Some people talk about finding God - as if He could get lost"
#9 2011-10-03 10:14 - BK. RAMCHANDER SIVA

When ever i sit in sad moments, I think of my life before I came to know about Siva Baba. Where I came from and why i came, and why there is this much problems for me. After knowing my great one and only Father and there is no problem for me and always talking to him and remembering my new life of golden stage.  Thanks to the Brahma Kumaris who help to remember my Father.

#8 2011-10-02 18:01 - Hala Al Ansari

Om shanti,, this really inspires me to be a better person , and to save the world .yoi're one of the most amazing people in this world. in these days we can't find many like you .. thankyou

#7 2011-09-28 17:36 - Sudhi

Om shanti Dadiji, for the wonderful practical points to change the old world to new world. 

#6 2011-09-27 16:54 - Ashok Kumar
Om shanti Dadiji, I thank Lord Shiva for this great foundation which is giving such an enlightening knowledge which I was searching for many years.I thank all the souls for doing this great service to this mankind
#5 2011-09-27 11:55 - Sanjeev Rattan

Om Shanti! Very true said dear Dadiji. As in the presence of light, darkness cannot exist, in the same way, in the presence of the positive, the negative has to disappear. We can only be renewed by transcending our old self (ego based) which was full of darkness and influenced by Maya (illusion).

#4 2011-09-25 18:30 - MOHINDER SINGH

Om shanti.  I would like to thank both Dadi ji, who shows us the right path in life. I think I have lost my 40 golden years without having this knowledge of the Brahma Kumaris.  I would like to thank the entire family of BKs.

#3 2011-09-24 05:11 - Megha
Thankyou so much Dadiji for enlightening us by your wonderful messages. Thankyou so much Baba for showing us the right path and giving us loving sisters like you.
#2 2011-09-23 22:46 - bk.opus
newness is about dropping the old shoe of negative thinking, feelings, words, actions and wearing the new shoe of positive thoughts, feelings, words and deeds. The new is positive, fresh and should be owned while the old is to be discarded. Replace all negative ways to positive ways is newness. Newness is the art of consciously creating only positive thoughts and feelings through out the day and days to come. Newness is remembrance of the new and the ever-new Baba. Newness is inner and outer cleanliness. Lets be new for the new age or new world is at hand for only the new.
#1 2011-09-23 13:27 - Nomboniso Tafeni
Om Shanti Dadij! I guess each day of my existance God bring angels who in practical terms are LIVING THAT which I still think about. The greatness of the TIME ( NOW )is I met you once and I hold on to the sweet VISION you have of each one of us. You are a that SOUL that I tap into its wisdom each moment I find that I am drifting towards the old...
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