Attention to creating quality thoughts

Dear Friends,

Om shanti.  My thoughts don’t work by themselves automatically, but I pay a lot attention to creating the quality thoughts that I want. Sometimes we develop aches and pains all over our bodies, because of our thoughts. Some people feel so dependent that when somebody leaves them or somebody dies, they become trapped in waste thoughts, leading to one negative thought after another. Inside, we should have truth and non-violence, instead of falsehood and violence.

Understand that there are four types of thoughts: negative, waste, ordinary and positive.

  • Negative thoughts drain our energy, bringing a loss to oneself and others.
  • Waste thoughts are just a habit: being distracted, looking here and there, thinking about the past or the future. Waste thoughts are born from our own desires and attachments. Learn how to remain in the present moment. The past is the past and the future will be good.
  • Ordinary thoughts are also habitual.  They are not wasteful, but we’re not actually transforming anything.
  • Positive thoughts are filled with so much power, and they emerge when you realise who you are and who you belong to. With that realisation and awareness, negative and waste thoughts finish. Don’t even think ordinary thoughts, but keep the aim of having elevated thoughts, a high quality of thoughts. When thoughts are pure and positive, that leads to peace and then to power.

A high quality of life means to look inside, turn your face towards God and say, “I want to be that high quality of human being, so that others in my life can take inspiration to become the same.” When I keep courage and receive help from the One up above, then things start to feel easy.

With love,
Dadi Janki


# Moderator 2016-01-02 17:07

bajeet kaur:  Medtation will help you understand your self and your behaviour and the results of such behavior.  The practice of meditation helps you become more peaceful.

baljeet kaur
# baljeet kaur 2015-12-14 06:32
I lyked your view and still wanna know about dis... I feel lyk I m a very negative person, vth anger,dominating power,rude,possessive,and kiddish. And all I come to know by my relationship vth a guy....plzzz help me out.... Its all taking me to deep disaster...
# Ajay 2015-10-09 00:10
Thank you Dadi for such wonderful guidance.
amarchand singla
# amarchand singla 2014-11-03 03:36

Very good & advisory messages fuul of how to get principles of peace loving life.

# b.k.uttambhai 2014-04-20 16:39
How to implementation of positive thoughts in our life .
# Moderator 2012-10-29 14:20

mahi singh:  You are a pure soul and all your qualities and values are already present in you.  If you use them they will grow.  Using your qualities will give you strenght and experience.  The more you use them the more they grow. Also, connection through meditation with the Supreme, the source of all qualities, gives you the company of the the truth and truth brings happiness.  Dadi explains very well the different quality of thoughts if you follow her guidence your qualities and values will be preserved.

mahi singh
# mahi singh 2012-10-25 08:05
Baba ji send me power and mantras I can work with so that I can dig out that pure soul with in me.I want to preserve all my values and belief which I was born with,I have experianced it is sliping away from me. I need help to preserve it. with all my hope.
akshay  maheshwari
# akshay maheshwari 2012-08-18 19:38
i like it very much
sandra lackhan
# sandra lackhan 2012-08-15 07:25
I was fortunate to see dadiji in person, her words are so beautiful. hope to be as truly peaceful as her. Trying my best.
# Moderator 2012-07-13 14:40

Mala Nayer:  Knowedge is one thing but putting somthing into practice takes determination.  Our negative thoughts and feelings have become very prevalent in the soul because they are habit forming and therefore it takes persistance to change them, but once you are able to change your feelings then your thoughts will follow.  We often spend a lot of time thinking about what others are doing -- what they should or should not be doing.  But this is wasteful and negative since there is nothing we can do about how others behave, but we can change our own response to things and protect ourselves from negativity by keeping our own self-respect.  It is helpful to spend time observing our own thought patterns, the familiar 'stories' we keep telling ourselves in our minds, these are our deep habits that can bring us sorrow, even though we may not have the concious intention of thinking in these ways, we always seem to go back to them.  One tool to help is as soon as you feel the same old story emerging in your mind, put a 'full stop' and remember these are aquired habits that you do not need, they are not you, you have created them and you can change them.  Fill your mind with thoughts of who you really are and what your qualities are.  Connect to God, and fill your self with Gods's qualities and strength, experience the Company of Truth and this will give you the power to change your feelings.

Mala Nayar
# Mala Nayar 2012-07-11 11:37
Dear Moderator :

My question - When I am very upset I can feel the negative thoughts I am having are not good for me at all. I try to change it but the negative emotions are so strong that it takes quite some time to come out of it in spite of knowing and trying hard to get out of it. Is there any way which can help us to change the the negative feelings immediately because I know now by reading these messages that negative feelings attract negative things which I want to avoid conciously. Please help.
BK Kailash
# BK Kailash 2012-07-09 15:20
Dear Dadiji Thanks for valuable message.
Your messages help turn worst situations.
Now I must come out of waste thoughts. They are of no use to me nor others.
Om Shanti
# Moderator 2012-07-03 13:28

Amy, it is good that you are making effort to change the way you think and to let go of the past.  Some things are deeply imbeded in the soul and take time to change, but with patience, practice, and determination there will be success.  Keep courage and there will be change.  Learning to meditate will help a lot.  You may want to go to one of the BK centers near you to learn this also being in the company of others with the same aims also help.

# Amy 2012-06-28 02:52
Its true. I have been reading your message for last couple of months. I also watch sister Shivani on tv. I understand but when bad things happen I get scared . I forgot my past but it's keep coming back to me.i try to think positive and I start looking for the solution.i try to convince my self that it won't happen again and in couple of months , my past will come back to me with another problem...I am very disturb .can you help me?
Amita Tiwari
# Amita Tiwari 2012-06-21 01:13

Then Dadi, We will conciously create positive thoughts so that they come back to us.

# Nagi 2012-06-19 15:51
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 

In the Name of Allâh, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

قل هو الله احد (1) 

Say (O Muhammad (Peace be upon him)): "He is Allâh, (the) One

الله الصمد (2)
Allâh-us-Samad (The Self-Sufficient Master, Whom all creatures need, He neither eats nor drinks)

لم يلد ولم يولد(3) 
He begets not, nor was He begotten. (3

ولم يكن له كفوا احد(4) 
And there is none co-equal or comparable unto Him."(4
mange ashok
# mange ashok 2012-06-18 21:31
realy good
dhiraj ahuja
# dhiraj ahuja 2012-06-13 16:01
# akshayaa 2012-06-09 08:40

watever happens in our life ..good or bad..we are lucky to get the knowledge about goodness. beleive ... in the supreme soul, beleive in baba (Father)..he will make every child of his own understand things.  we neednt worry of anything. at last we surrender to his love.

Saroj Kumar Das
# Saroj Kumar Das 2012-06-08 17:17
Thanks Dadiji for such needful message for deterioted world to show glitter of light in the entire darkness.
Nalini M
# Nalini M 2012-06-08 14:24
Dadi On shanthi. It is really true. If everyone adopt this kind of thinking then there will be no bad events will happen in society. All can become super human beings. Even i get distrecred by waste toughts and negative thoughts. But later i will realize it was absolutely waste. If u dont have any work means all waste thoughts will run in our mind. Let us remember the god if our mind is free from all work. Dont allow devils to enter into our minds. Waste and negative thoughts are devil.
Let us keep in mind the words of daddi and practice and see the difference in ourself.
Ravikumar Vangala
# Ravikumar Vangala 2012-06-07 09:34
Dear Dadiji,

Thank you very much for your divine message.
# vanita 2012-06-07 06:21
Thank you DadiJi,

I was so confused but after reading your article, I can say I know how to handle things. So's a game of thoughts and because of it sometimes we feel lethargic. we just to understand and need to focus on our thoughts. sometimes without any specific reason we feel depressed and feel nothing is there but if we can work on our thoughts and generate positive thinking then everything will be so easy for us.

# Ashish 2012-06-06 19:26
Om Shanti, positive thoughts give us peace..& make life beautiful.
# ratnesh 2012-06-06 18:56
harini jhaveri
# harini jhaveri 2012-06-06 16:15

Dadi Janki, what a wonderful saying. I hope I can learn to implant positive thought in my corrupted bodyly system, please send me strength and energy to work on it, I know its not going to be easy and it might take lot of effort to think and implant positive thinking for anything and everything goes around me being in human body.send me power and mantras I can work with so that I can dig out that pure soul with in me.I want to preserve all my values and belief which I was born with,I have experianced it is sliping away from me. I need help to preserve it. with all my hope.

# shibani 2012-06-06 12:44
thanks dadiji for yor beautiful words that inspire me in my life
# Sonali 2012-06-04 22:22
Thank you Dadi ji, the above message you gave us is the essence of all. Everything begins with a thought and if we are able to keep out thoughts elevated, pure and peaceful we become the master of our selves. thank you dadiji. we love you.

# sanchita 2012-06-04 10:09
It is very helpful.thank u.
# raajive 2012-06-04 03:31
Dear Dadi ji, this is a tremendous piece of advice for keeping our thoughts positive and creating the power within. Thank you so much for reminding us of these valuable insights.

Regards, OS
# Vivek 2012-06-03 22:15

Thank you So much Dadi Jaanki for such a Nice Article.

Om Shanti

# Lil 2012-06-03 18:55
When I read the above message,, I am seating inside my car , on that time I feel my self so clearity, & I am so impress to read the message again & again!! I wanna be' factor of truth,' this is word, from inner of my heart !! That's why I write this comment , Om shanti!!
# Carlos 2012-06-03 18:07
This is so true. We need to increase awareness of our thoughts, get used to watch them as if we were watching a movie at a theater. In my experience, this is a way to create detachment. Then peace can take place in my mind, and I become one with it, I become the embodiment of Peace.
aakansha sharma
# aakansha sharma 2012-06-03 10:25
vicharo ka hi to chakrahai jise aapni positive thoughts se torna hai thabhi too sab kutch aasan hoga tabhi hum aapne ander jahak payege jo hume ye batata hai ki hum kaun hai aur hamare aane ka kya reason hai
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