Let your life be a blessing to the world
Dear Friends,

Om shanti and greetings of love and peace.  This is an auspicious age, an age when we have the special opportunity to change ourselves and to elevate the world.

Sit in silence, and look deep within.  Silence is the language of the soul.  In silence I come to see, to know, and to recognize who I am.  In silence I can connect with God and steady my intellect.  My mind too becomes still and my heart becomes full with His company, free from distractions and attractions.  This practice increases my value.

A thought is a seed and it creates our attitude.   Our attitude creates the atmosphere around us, filling it with a certain quality of vibrations.  A pure and positive thought has the power to elevate our attitude, purifying the atmosphere and creating  vibrations of the highest quality.  This is a kind of service.

A soul whose attitude is pure and elevated sees only the good qualities of a person; they never absorb or see the defects of anyone, and they never repeat anything negative about anyone else.

Let the your attitude be pure and elevated and let the past be the past. Do not let thoughts or worries about the past sully your attitude.  Neither repeat the things of the morning verbally, nor in your mind.  When good things happen, value them; when bad things happen,  don’t discuss them.  Let your life be a blessing to the world.

With love,

BK Janki

#18 2014-11-01 09:45 - Rajender Singh
Excellent knowledge getting from Supreme Father. I love BABA from the bottom of my heart.
#17 2011-04-14 17:42 - Moderator

Aashima:  When we are constantly critisized it is easy to be come disheartened and create a sense of low self esteam.  However, people often critizize others because they have a critical natrue and would also be critical towards their own self too.  They would therefore not be very happy people.  Because someone offers you a rotten apple (critical words) you do not have to take it!  Each soul is unique and has specialities - when we focus on the negative in ourselves or others we, as Dadi's message says, we sully our attitude.  Have faith in yourself, and others will have faith in you.  Have faith in others and give them the gift of good wishes and pure feelings.

#16 2011-04-10 19:49 - Aashima

Om Shanti. I honour you Dadiji for your pious thoughts and messages. I believe that these messages are related to the experiences which I, we, or anyone have gone through or goes through in our day today life and can be handled with a very calm state of mind. Which is what is taught in your teachings. I have a very low self esteem and I think I can improve it if you help me to come out of it.  I am in this state is because of non stop critisizm of my work in the office even after putting alot of efforts. Maybe the fear of seniors and their remarks is hindering my capacity. I want to happy. Kindly Help me.

#15 2011-03-09 16:21 - Moderator
Anup: There are different types of silence.  A silence which is blissfull and peaceful comes from the awareness of knowing who we really are - spiritual beings, beings of light filled with the qualities of love, peace, truth, purity and happiness.  The practice of meditation helps us to connect to our true self and also to others in a meaningful way.  The silence that comes from non-interaction brings loneliness and emptiness.  We belong to a human family and it is important to connect with others.  Perhaps if you you are finding this to be difficult then it would help to get some professional help.  To learn to mediate contact a BK center near you - in India go to brahmakumaris.org and for the rest of the world - bkwsu.org

#14 2011-02-19 07:41 - Anup
Om Shanti,

I am a less talkative person, I talk very very less in whole day. Even i don't have any friends.

So i remain silent the whole day, But this silence instead of giving Bliss & Peace has became a Obstruction. Its making me uneasy all the time. Its making me as if i am completely lost. Its making me as if i have became Dump. Its making me fearful. Its creating negativity within me.

Why is it so?

Thank You...!!
#13 2011-02-03 00:26 - Moderator
Mousumi;  When we remember the things from the past, especially the
things that we have felt hurt by, this will definitely bring more sorrow.  If we do not want this to continue to happen
then we have to make a commitment to create a new and better future.  Every soul is God’s child and is worthy of
love.  God is the embodiment of love and
hates no-one.  In fact He loves us
despite our faults.  By bringing the
light of our inner beauty and peace into our awareness, we remember who we
really are, a being of light and peace, and can move forward in life with a
loving and forgiving nature.  Forgive
yourself and the other, it is the past. 
We are the master of our minds, our minds belong to us and so, with love
choose to think good things and give blessings and good wishes to all.  This will in-turn bring you the happiness and well-being you are searching for.
#12 2011-02-01 17:47 - Mousumi Mukherjee
I liked what you said Dadi, but i still find it difficult to forget my traumatic past and forgive the person concerned. At times i feel maybe i am to be blamed, i am imperfect, ugly, no one can love me, so it happened. Sometimes i feel god hates me, so punishes me with all this pain. how do i get some peace, get rid of all that bottled-up anger, sadness inside, Dadi?  I laugh, behave normally outside to hide it all, but it's killing me from the inside, effecting my physical well-being too..
#11 2011-01-28 11:01 - Nisha
Thank a lot...

#10 2011-01-23 07:24 - Moderator
Fela: Discussing "bad" things
that happen to one is a form of therapy, and can be used to understand what has
happened to us. However once we have understood -- from a spiritual perspective
- when we go over and over the bad things that happen to us in our minds, it is
actually like re-living those same things over and over again - bringing those
same things from the past into the present with all the feelings of unhappiness
and hurt we experienced and therefore reinforcing this in ourselves makes it
more difficult to let go of the hurt that is damaging us, and impedes our

In terms of the context of what Dadi is saying here, she is speaking about how
we can serve ourselves and others through our attitude and vibrations by going
into silence, being with God and focusing on what is good, be it a situation or
another person and not contributing to anything " bad" by repeating
it to ourselves or others.

#9 2011-01-21 14:41 - Moderator
Shernaz Petigara: We are sorry about your health
situation but such queries we are not qualified (medically or legally) to
respond to. Dealing with any health situations can be positively benefited by
meditation so would encourage you to find the closest BK Meditation Centre. 
If you live in India
go to www.brahmakumaris.com for nearest center or
worldwide bkwsu.org
#8 2011-01-14 02:49 - vivekanandan shanmuganandan
Dear Dadiji very honestly whatever words you speak are a reflection of the versions of God (Baba). Thank you for your advice.
#7 2011-01-13 22:21 - Shernaz Petigara
Dear Dadi Janki,
I regularly watch your programme on Star Plus and very impressed by BK Shivani.
I need some guidance with regards to my health and would appreciate someone writing to me.
Om Shanti
#6 2011-01-13 14:12 - Piyush
Sitting in silence and looking deep within, really works. All may do this everyday to experience peace.
#5 2011-01-13 12:01 - hariharannair k.n
whenever i think myself as a soul i feel the lightness and joy which is only the experience that is pure and geniene.
#4 2011-01-11 13:29 - Moderator
Nisha:  There are times when we have to speak to others in an official capacity - but this can still be done with love and respect for one other.  If we understand that we are both souls who are playing our parts, and each is a child of God, then when we have to say something - our awareness, attitude, and vision will be loving and detached. When we speak to each other in this way there is much more acceptance of what is being said, we  accomplish what ever it is we are setting out to accomplish through that conversation, and there will be success for the one we are speaking to and ourselves.
#3 2011-01-11 07:21 - Saroj Kumar Das
Happy new year Baba and Dadiji.
This message is really pathfinder
and blessings, and inspiration of yours and Baba's.
Thanks, with regards and earnest respect.
#2 2011-01-10 18:09 - Fela
Im not sure I understand not discussing "bad". Isnt that what we do in therapy and for healing?
#1 2011-01-10 12:31 - Nisha Pramod
Dear Dadiji...

Very true...

I really wish not to repeat the things of the past. But, I am forced to talk and pass judgement on others behaviour,mainly official matters. This make things really tough. I will try my best. Please help with more advice.

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