Sharing God’s Light with the World

Dear friends,

Om shanti. We are each working on our own transformation. We learn to connect ourselves with God and fill ourselves with purity, peace, happiness, love and power. All of these 5 qualities do wonders for us and also for the people of the world. We have nothing to worry about now. We simply have to do service through our body, mind and wealth.

Whatever situations come, pay attention that the quality of your thoughts is benevolent. When you do this, your breath, thoughts and time are beneficial. When you do this, you are sharing God’s light with the world.

With love, 

BK Janki


Vinay Chauhan
# Vinay Chauhan 2017-11-08 05:06
I want to attend meditation course at mount abu
Chanpreet kaur
# Chanpreet kaur 2017-11-06 14:28
Om Shanti,.It is said by many bks that the persons who follows babas gyan will be in satyuga. What about other souls who are not aware about this gyan but still they are good n pure.please let us know.
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