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Dear Friends,

Om shanti. Serve through your vibrations and create a good atmosphere. First, look into your heart, and make sure that there is no feeling of anything heavy in a subtle form.  There should be no ego or attachment or vice of any kind.  There shouldn’t be anything gross.  Whatever is past, consider that to be past.  This is important if you are to be ready and free to serve in the present moment.

Have honesty inside and remain in your self respect.  Have the awareness that you belong to God. Whatever awareness you have, you will share that with others around you.

Sit together with this elevated aim and keep your attention on creating such an atmosphere.  Subtle vibrations like this reach people around the globe.  The world needs these vibrations, and they should receive them from us.  Let each soul have this feeling that God is pulling them up.

With love,

BK Janki

#12 2014-08-26 14:18 - Moderator

Sahil Verma:  Being 17 can be confusing.  Many changes are happening in life, it helps to get to know ourselves better so that we can access the innate qualities and spiritual powers we have inside.  This in turn helps us respond to and negotiate the outside world of situations and relationships.  Meditation can help with this.  When we know ourselves better, we feel more content and can respond with peace and love.  Meditation also helps us to connect to the source of all qualities - God.  So when we feel we do not have the power and strength to deal with a situation or a person, on our own, we can connect to God and receive love and strenght which makes us full.  When we are full we automatically share that which has been filled in us.

#11 2014-07-15 17:33 - Moderator

Harish: In Raja Yoga we have four subjects:  Yoga (meditation) Knowledge - the study of spiritual truth, Dharna - the inculcation of knowledge in the form of powers and virutues, and service to others.  If you practice the first three subjects then you wil naturally have the inclination to serve others, to share with others what you have recived.  Actually service will take place naturally, because of who you are becoming through your study and practice.  If you give you automatically receive, but you need to have somthing yourself in order to give that.  As children of God the Benefactor we too need to bring benefit to our human family in particular and the world in general.  If we have expectations of return for what we give, we will recive perhpas a little but we will always be disapointed because our subtle aim in giving was to receive and not to give selflessly.

#10 2014-07-06 14:17 - Harish
Namaste Didiji...what is the importance of serving others?
I do help people and return i don't expect much( may be Gratitude).....but i don't feel the passion about the idea of serving others.....can you pls help me understanding where and what i am?
#9 2014-07-04 10:14 - AK Kameswara Sarma

Om Shanti. Thanks Dadi. Your messages are very compassionate and energetic. Thanks for your unconditional love and practical guidance to all of us. 

#8 2014-06-18 11:52 - Nitin Jain
A very true line that focusing us 'Have the awareness that you belong to God'

This way we can concentrate on our beliefs and our inner strength.

#7 2014-06-17 08:25 - Ashok G.Raval
Om Shanti. Thanks for giving right direction to all including me.
Swa-Parivartan se Jag-Parivartan.
#6 2014-06-16 15:06 - mahesh
reading theory gives knowledge and being practical gives wisdom. So soul mates i started the practical work and the results are excellent.
#5 2014-06-15 05:22 - maria garza
yes I have felt something different with the meditations I have listened to I wish I could be enlighted to truly understand my feeling
#4 2014-06-13 19:20 - sahil verma
I m 17 year old school going boy.but I always have some kind of tension. i continuously think of something and i cant able to get out of it. sometym i think of suicide but other second i realize that i belong to good family and parents are taking every possible step to keep me happy especially my father. my mind z full of negative thoughts. due to this sometyms i talk very rudely with my guardians. i have young bro whoz 2 years younger than me. i dnt kw y i alws think negative abt him and sometimes these negative thoughts ruin my health. due to negative thoughts going continuously in my mind, it has very harmful effects on my social life. I want to live as alone as possible. people around me irritates me frustrate me . i dnt how i will b able to survive in this world. plz brahmkumari ji do something for me. i m really going through very bad phase of my life. u r my one nd only hope. plz give me ur valuable suggestions, so that i can also enjoy my life.
#3 2014-06-13 09:14 - B
"Have honesty inside and remain in your self respect..." is very powerful. I wish to experience that all the time.
#2 2014-06-11 13:55 - Mala Nayar

Dadi I agree with you that we should create good atmosphere through our vibrations. If we have positive thoughts - It is good for me as well as for people around me. So always have uplifting thoughts.

#1 2014-06-10 15:18 - Puja
Doing what Dadi says, makes us feel very light, energetic,resourceful and blissful
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