Free from worry and concern

Dear Friends,

Om shanti.  At this time it has become clear to most people that the world is in a state of transition. The world has to move from a state of sorrow and degradation to a state of happiness and peace. We have to prepare ourselves for that transition by accumulating power and peace inside, because the form that the transition takes can be severe.

When we focus and concentrate on God, it provides safety to us and those around us. When we have faith in God, we are touched by thoughts that help us, and allow us to remain safe. This aspect is based on 2 questions: “Who am I?” and “Who do I belong to?”

This is the basis of the connection with God. When I have faith in God, then I become free from all worry and concern, and I develop faith in what is right.  People are seeing the state of the world and are wondering what is going to happen. One who keeps the company of God becomes a “carefree emperor” and is able to be a support for others regardless of what is going on around them.

With love,
BK Janki

#28 2013-03-11 19:48 - Bk.opus
Think your thoughts, watch your thoughts, words and deeds. Watch what you want to say or do before you say or do them. Check by asking yourself within- Are my words and actions pure? before you release your words and actions. When your mind thinks and creates so much thought, its a sign that you are thinking negatively? Slow your thoughts by watching them. What will happen will happen, so why think much?
#27 2012-03-03 16:37 - Moderator

Karim, It can be difficult not to get affected by the degradation and sorrow of the world.  However the only way we are going to be of help to ourselves and others is to focus on creating a new and better way.  Empowering ourselves and connecting to the source of Truth and Love - God - enables us to share what we receive with the rest of our human family.


#26 2012-03-03 16:28 - Moderator

RK Chawla and Bharathi: Once you start to parctice meditation your will be better able to contol your physical senses and also your mind, which will also allow your mind to let go of wasteful and worrying thoughts.

#25 2012-02-28 03:51 - Karim
Thank you God for putting in my way to BK back in 2005.
I see the world is "dying", it is the only way to be born again I suppose. I would like to know more details about how we should face this degradation without becoming negative or depressed. Thank you.
#24 2012-02-26 13:01 - Anupam

i like sis shivani so much. the way she speaks; quite silent, smiling all the time. sis shivani u r great soul. i like ur program AWB n i watch it daily wid full concentration. 

#23 2012-02-26 03:38 - vani

Its truely, new and positive news that the golden age is coming.. God has come to create the new world.

#22 2012-02-25 09:59 - Bharathi
Pl. suggest me how to over come from worries through meditation.
#21 2012-02-25 07:49 - Priyanka Shivatare

I love the way B.K. Shivani tells about love, happines, anger and other things which affects on our life. 

#20 2012-02-24 20:49 - Ashok Sharma

I was 8 years of age when out of curosity, while playing with friends, I accidentally, or out of curiosity and fun just happened to sneak into a small BK temple in Malviya Nagar then. A spirited BK escorted me to various charts explaining the concept which only strengthened what vague memories were imbibed on my child mind from my Granny ( Dadi's) Bed time stories. I realized this much later that those 15 minutes of playful fun somehow shaped my orientation towards life and sprinkled a few seeds of Spirituality for which I feel thankful and do not regret!

#19 2012-02-24 19:51 - Moderator

Priya: God the Supreme Soul (Paramatama) is a being of light.  We as God's children are also beings of light (souls). We come into the cycle of life; - into the physical world, and so we have to take a body to experinence life through our senses.  We are a soul who has a body.  God doesn't take a body of his own and is therefore remains beyound this physical world and resides in Paramdahmam.

#18 2012-02-24 12:40 - BK Vikas
To attain the company of God, first we have to understand where from we arrive and whom we belong truly, are the relations of this world will go along with us all the way. If not than whom we belong ultemately.
#17 2012-02-24 07:50 - Shrikant T Shirgurkar

Daily I listen the thoughts of the Brahmakumaries on ASTHA channel. I found peace of mind after listening the programmes. Thank you very much for the same.

#16 2012-02-22 08:58 - Mrinal Bhattacharjee

This is very urgent for our life. We should concentrate and surrender ourselves to the God for peace & realisation.

#15 2012-02-21 18:30 - kumar chulani

Hi... may I say that i agree we are in a state of transition but unfortunately for worst. May be individually we can be going for better...but world as I know today is becoming more managed by a few foreign countries. Thanks.

#14 2012-02-21 14:48 - banti suman
thank you brahmakumaris
i love you baba
#13 2012-02-21 09:14 - r k chawla

A man has a flickering and unstable mind.  As one who is thinking of meditation, how can he control his senses.

#12 2012-02-21 07:50 - Hamid Siddiqui
I am a human being. I belong to my self, nothing else, God belongs to me not I belong to God, God did not create me, I created God, I am eternal will all parts of the Universe. God is within me and I am within God.
#11 2012-02-21 04:58 - eswari.k.s

Everything is well when we are connected with God. When we become distracted then our life becomes shattered, we then once again have to recharge. 

#10 2012-02-20 20:28 - yaksh shree rao
i love shivani program on astha
#9 2012-02-20 09:33 - priya mondal

Thank you for giving me a good thought. And i would like to thank all the brahma kumar/kumaris for giving such nice thughts to everyone . Wishing you a happy Shirvatri.  Om shanti.

#8 2012-02-20 05:10 - priya

Dadi Janki Ji I want to know - If Paramatma (God- the Supreme Soul) is light, then Jivamatma (soul) should also be light - then why do we have this body?

#7 2012-02-19 16:48 - bk priya

Om shanti. Your speech gives a way to visit God. Thanks Dadi

#6 2012-02-19 15:24 - bk anita sharma

om shanti thaku shivbaba & dadiji for showing us the way to face the coming challenges which are definitely going to be very serious.

#5 2012-02-19 14:38 - praveen

Your messages touch my heart and soul and my everyday life. I am very faithful to your messages.

#4 2012-02-18 05:19 - Shailendra

Thanks to Dadi Ji for this motivating thought. The cause of worry in life is due to body consciousness. Body consciousness is due to attachment of the soul with body. To remove body consciousness, we have to practice the detachment of soul with body i.e. Ashariri stage, then practice soul consciousness. Then connect the soul to supreme soul to experience peace, love and power. In this way, we become stable in mind and our intellect become pure and powerful. We become stable and powerful to choose our proper responses in every situations and become free from worry and concern. Om Shanti.

#3 2012-02-18 03:45 - vi diez
carefree emperor?... for me, those words do not jive to having strong faith in God... coz we do care and we do not wish to be emperors which is synanimous with materialism. But perhaps we are happy peaceful angels who could fly, holding each other, thru peace, smiling and cheering with positive thoughts armed with faith in our GOD almighty. thank you Dadi Janki... our angel of wisdom
#2 2012-02-17 21:37 - Rashmi Satoskar

Yes, I completely agree with BK teachings and the truths told by God (Shiv Baba). I am ready to follow BK's each and every instruction given by God through Brahma Baba.

#1 2012-02-17 09:02 - Arun
Its truely, new and positive news that the golden age is coming.. God has come to create the new world.. He is our father n all of us are brothers.. It promotes universal brotherhood.. I hv also read other articles of brahmakumaris,.. All of them are scientific.. I lv this godly family.. Thanx
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