Mercy, compassion and true love
Dear Friend,

The inspiration to serve emerges when a soul has 3 qualities - mercy, compassion and true love.

At this time everyone needs to feel love. They want to have an experience of true, spiritual love. They should feel that there is someone there for them.  When we have these qualities inside of us, then people will automatically be attracted.  The eyes and faces of souls with these qualities will be unique.  They will be so spiritually attractive, that others will want to know what they do to make themselves like that.

We must listen to the calls of souls through our minds, and then we must serve them through our minds.  Mercy is essential for this practice. When we serve through our minds, we allow someone to have an experience suddenly wherever they may be sitting. In order to do this type of service, mercy is essential.

In fact, everyone in today's world is thirsty for love.  When we give co-operation to souls with the feeling that they are my brother or sister, we definitely touch them with our love.  This is the practice Dadi has.  They will experience the selfless love we have and further, they will start to recognise and be interested to find out about the One who has taught us to be like this.  

With love,

Dadi Janki

#4 2011-01-26 16:08 - namrata sharma
we r the makers of our destiny and it starts with our thoughts
#3 2011-01-23 15:37 - Milinda
We can develop compassion when we acknowledge our sufferings and weaknesses honestly and learn to overcome them.
#2 2011-01-22 11:55 - yumii
:) :)
#1 2011-01-21 23:57 - mahesh
I am developing these three qualities in every action of my life thanks to Janki Dadi for providing wonderful soul knowledge.
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