Being with God
Dear Friend,

Om shanti.  I want to share with you a very big secret:  the secret of how to experience God’s love.  This is the highest stage that a human being can experience – the stage of going beyond everything and being with God.  I wish each of my friends could experience this.  God is so sweet and lovely and this experience is available to all of us.

To have this experience, we must finish the waste thoughts about others. When the mind is pure, clear and clean, we can attract and experience God's love. If we let our minds come down, then God cannot reach us.  Whatever is in your heart will keep emerging. The mind will go where the heart is. So keep your heart filled with pure feelings and give yourself the extraordinary experience of being with God.

With love,

BK Janki


# Moderator 2011-01-27 19:26
[email protected]:  What we
understand to be the essence of improving our character and experiencing God is
the first step of experiencing who we are. 
So the important part of your question is what we have to do to experience
Gods love and Gods deep peace.  The most important
practice is to sit quietly, turn our attention inside, and consider our selves
to be a subtle being, a point of light.  When we do this in silence with a deep awareness
of ourselves and then we turn our attention to God – we will experience Gods
love as His child. 

There is no need to discard the practices of your elders,
but when you participate do it in soul consciousness and this will then instill
a deeper meaning in your practice.

# [email protected] 2011-01-22 17:31
Om Shanti
Respected Dadiji,
Every single word of your inspires and motivates beginners like me.
I am trying to meditate and I love the experience. But I still have not experienced BABA. But I hope that with more practice I will be able to feel him.
Actually dadi,being born in a hindu society,I have seen my elders worshipping images or idols of different gods. And I have seen them fasting as well. Dadi is it possible to get connected with G0D through idol worship? Or should we just disregard idol worship? And Is fasting really important in the path of spirituality? If it is, then how should we fast? My elders say not to eat anything while fasting. How true is it? These question always cross my mind. Please, dadiji slove my queries............:)

with regards,
[email protected]
# Anil 2010-12-19 17:37
Om Shanti,i am only a beginner.still lot to know and learn....
deepika keswani
# deepika keswani 2010-11-23 15:28
dadi ji,
it is true. I meet the god really, it is a wonderful experience. I share all my thoughts of god
BK Pratish
# BK Pratish 2010-11-16 07:43
We are learning one of the best way as how to belong to God and make God belong to us so as we can experience the love from God which is the key of real transformation. Dadiji is sharing with us the finest, easy and ultimate technique that how to experience love of Supreme.Only unconditional love from our pure heart can help us to reach the God and I personally see Dadiji the embodiment of unconditioal love. Wonderful !!!!

Om Shanti.
# sumita 2010-10-27 01:23
Thanks till today we are not able to think how one feels in the presence of God.Until now we had read about God in the form of deities and we had been them as Durga and Kali and others, but we have forgotten that we are those same souls the soul having taking its part from satyug to kaliyug. The soul completely lost all its purity and power so God has come at this time to make us remember who we are and what is our sacred role. Now we can connect to God only through pure sankalps and deep meditation thanks Dadiji you have helped us in this sacred search for God.
BK Kishor
# BK Kishor 2010-10-23 17:00
Om Shanti.
It was somewhat difficult for me to do early morning meditation (Amritvela). After attending SPARC Conference September 2010, I started to awake early in the morning and with the help of commentary by BK Surajbhai, I am now feeling always attached (close) with God (Baba). It is so peaceful and satisfactory, I think every one must experience these divine feelings.
# Dharmesh 2010-10-21 17:47
Om Shanti dadiji

Thank you for sharing the wonderful experience of how to experience Gods Love. He is my Khuda Dost.

# Roshni 2010-10-21 16:53
om shanti..the daily programme on Starplus is really gives us a chance to reflect on our lives, who we are and how it can be improved by simple thoughts and actions. Thanks a lot
Biswajit Das
# Biswajit Das 2010-10-21 11:07
Om shanti. Clarity in my mind and God will be mine.
Ranesh das
# Ranesh das 2010-10-21 10:46
love and peace of mind is feeling of god
Karthic Babu
# Karthic Babu 2010-10-21 03:26
One fine morning i am reading this Beautiful Message from Dadiji, How true it is Know.... truly amazing.
# sumita 2010-10-21 00:40
Good morning Dadiji.  Actually we have still not felt the feeling of being with God. Now we have understood that only when we are in self conscious state then only we can get the blessing of God, mere reading does not yield all these our purana belief systems and sanskars are so strong and sometimes they make us so week that we become cages in our own self made caves. Dadiji its your yogic power and pure love for God that you are so joined to God (Baba), for us we are in a nursery classroom, but faith is still there because Rome was not built in a day!
manek hardik vasantrai
# manek hardik vasantrai 2010-10-20 20:49
i would have been died if i didn t get support of life changing thoughts of sister shivani on astha channel. so very thank u too give me some relief from the pains with which i was living since i get to understand world.
# Subir 2010-10-20 04:48
The positive thinking which guide us to the path of purity is nothing but GOD
# Tara 2010-10-19 21:47
Om Shanti! It's completely true! You have to experience God with a complete pure mind, with passion, love, trust, peace and purity. God is real, and He is the almighty. Baba is the one and has shown me the way!
# deepika 2010-10-19 18:14
thanxs dadi.........for giving this treasure of knowledge to us
# Moderator 2010-10-19 17:04
Kanchan:  We experience Gods's love when we experience ourselves to be God's child, a soul, a being pure being of light.  In this soul conscious awareness we leave aside the things of the world and focus only on God, who is also a soul - the Supreme Soul.  As we elevate our consciousness we are able to get on the same wave-length and experience Gods's love.  This is our relationship with our Parent and so we do not need Dadi to join us - this is between us and God.  Dadi of course sends good wishes to all souls to experience God's love, but the connection has to happen through our own effort and as Dadi is saying we need to clean our minds so that we can attract God, so we should have no waste or negative thoughts that will block this experience.
# Santhosh 2010-10-19 09:44
God is everywhere, no matter you are up or down.
# sumita 2010-10-19 01:32
Good morning dadiji. The mere felling of being with god gives a super sensuous feeling. Why do we see upwards and call for almighty God when all our things go topsy-turvy, its your power and blessings dadiji which give us inspiration through the day. Yes whenever a utensil is very dirty first we have to clean it and then only we can fill it with amrit (nectar), the same thing Dadi you have also told us we should keep our mind free from impure thoughts then only we can experience the deep feelings of being with God.
norma segovia
# norma segovia 2010-10-18 07:16
thank u for sharing this beautiful thoughts with us and yes God is good and God is Love Love Norma
# raajive 2010-10-18 04:03
Dadiji, I make it a point to read your messages regulalrly, your messages give lot of peace and comfort and we are thankful to GOD to have you amongst us and gudie us thru towards truthfulness.
# sumita 2010-10-18 01:57
this is what i was searching for my dear dadi. we do not know how we should feel in the company of god. by mere feeling with near and dear ones with whom we share a lot of similar things we feel good, so the same thing dadi has also said how to make our heart clear in order to be with god. dadi this message is able to change the lives of thousands and thousands of God's children.
# kanchan 2010-10-17 20:58
om shanti..i want to get the exeperience of god's love nd i need for ur help janki dadi.can u join me
# Ashwin 2010-10-17 12:46
Its very true. When my mind and herat are happy during this time i am very near to GOD.
BK Shoba
# BK Shoba 2010-10-17 12:41
Amazing and it is true.Meeting the God, the Truth is really a wonderful Experience . Every human-being should have this real wish to taste and feel the experience.
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