Refreshed and Rejuvenated
Dear Friends,

Om shanti.When we are together, we talk  about how you can renew
yourself and refresh yourself through raj yoga.We talk about being soul
conscious rather than body conscious.And then, when we are soul
conscious, we remember God.This is what refreshes us.

But what often happens is that our remembrance of God is affected by
differences of opinion and personality clashes with others.If we are
discussing such things and then try to have yoga, these incidents occupy
our minds, instead of our remembrance of God.And then when our yoga time
is over, we immediately start discussing the incidents and issues.Then
we do not get refreshment and rejuvenation from our yoga.

Our remembrance should be so wonderful that anyone coming in front us,
when we are in yoga, should straight away be pulled into remembrance
also.Make this practice your focus and you will find yourself being
refreshed again and again throughout the day.

With love,
BK Janki


# Moderator 2014-09-27 16:29

Dimpe:  If you take one step of courage God definetaly helps.  To strengthen your practice of meditation, which will also strengthen your connection to God, we suggest that you visit your local BK cener and they can help with your practice.

# dimpe 2014-09-26 19:05
Dear ones :i need hlp frm god i want to talk i have less enrgy without my dear ones but its clear ki we are all alone n god is d one who hlps us who is ours n we r his... So pls hlp me i m may be poor in meditation...wat i want is my prob n datsy i really need him pls hlp .
# gaurav 2012-02-11 06:20
i bleave u follow u because i feel u know the truth of life. u can change the time
abhilasha mishra
# abhilasha mishra 2011-03-26 17:39
thanks a lot dadi janki ji
# Moderator 2011-02-25 12:34
Anil:  When starting meditation it can be challenging to quite our minds and focus, as our minds have been used to running all over the place.  However with practice this will happen.  Meditation commentaries will help you to focus -  you can follow the commentary with your mind,  listening to the words with your mind and feeling the experience of those words.  It is useful to practice meditation at the same time each day and create a corner in your home for this practice - so that you create a habit and it is easier to settle down.  You can find mediation commentaries from your local BK center or order on line from this web site. 
# Roopashree 2011-02-22 11:08
Omshanti my beloved dadiji...i thankful to u
Ameet Kumar Pak
# Ameet Kumar Pak 2011-02-21 10:05
Dear dadi om shanti

it is really informatic and joyful text.

Baban Sur Choudhury
# Baban Sur Choudhury 2011-02-20 14:27
Dear Dadi,
I am not in peace. Please sujjest me.
# Alan 2011-02-19 14:20
Thanks Dadi

I just a moment ago tried this out and it was good, so on hearing your suggestion I will do some more and hopefully reach all of the time.

With regards

Ganesh Jain
# Ganesh Jain 2011-02-18 09:41
DadiJi,Om Shanti

Thanks for nice and beautiful messages.
tanuja singha
# tanuja singha 2011-02-16 05:34
my pyari, dearest n respected dadiji,
thank u so much for sharing your knowlege with us.It really inspire us a lot. You have a spl. palce in our heart. Whenever i look at u my heart is overwhelm with love. Thank u so much, My pyari dadiji
# raajive 2011-02-15 07:44
Dear Dadiji,

Since the time I have come into this knowledge, there is less of confusion and more of contentment and it seems there are abundance reasons and things that could provide one with happiness and joy thru own contentment and service thru thoughts and actions towards other. In fact it is so easy to remain away from the vices and remain intoxicated and in rememberance of GOD, it is just a matter of practice and faith.

We are so very thankful to the group and your esteemed self for guiding us thru to remain happy and contented. Thank you so much!


Dr.Satya Lakshmi
# Dr.Satya Lakshmi 2011-02-14 09:39
Dear dadi.Omshanthi.
I participated in the "MIND-Body- medicine" international conference at Hyderabad. It was very informative & was benificial . I work inthe central university where there are young students who need to be aware of spiritual dimention of health. Can the Shanthi sarovar help us in starting a staring meditation on campus? please reply.
anil kaul
# anil kaul 2011-02-14 09:39
I would like to seek help on how to sit for yog (meditation), i have an urge to do it but then have failed to concentrate, will playing a CD help? or are there other means to concentrate on yog.
# Prashanthi 2011-02-13 13:26
Omshanthi.Thanks for your beautiful message
# jumu 2011-02-12 18:02
Dadi ji
I am following your wonderful thoughts,and it really is helping me,thank you .
saroj das
# saroj das 2011-02-11 17:27
Respected Dadiji This message is really beneficial for us who are trying to be detached in yoga. By all such inspiration and guidance definitely we must able to attend high acclaim position in yoga. All obstacles should not be our hedge but should be new direction to find our goal of making new golden age of Satya Yug. With regards and respect, Saroj.
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