Happiness and sorrow come from the inside
Dear Friend,

Om shanti.  I have always wanted to open an account in order to measure how much happiness I have. In the world people give many reasons for being unhappy. They do many external things to bring themselves happiness.  However happiness and sorrow come from the inside. All human beings cry the same type of tears. We are all souls.  We all have the same essential form.  It is when we come into bodies that there is a difference in color, caste, religion etc.

The key to living in happiness and helping others to be happy is in the subtle moves inside.  First, whatever happens, maintain faith and good feelings in your mind! Don't allow yourself to develop doubts in any aspect. Think good thoughts, and you will feel how you are able to maintain your happiness.

Second, keep faith in the unfolding drama of life. There will always be something new in the drama, but maintain the faith that everything is beneficial.

Third, take a pledge to stay in the true company of One.  Keep walking the path and perform such actions that benefit both yourself and others.

With love,
BK Janki


# ritu 2010-10-22 13:48
I have just attend the Rajyog meditation course and I think it really works. I am really thankful to them as they taught me how to be happy in all situations.Not to have any negative thoughts coming in my mind and I have no tension.  I feel so relaxed. THANKS A LOT
pravisha gupta
# pravisha gupta 2010-10-20 07:05
Om shanti, thank you so much for giving this message for happiness and sorrow. I am very glad to read it. Now i will try to keep myself happy in all conditions and i will not get irritated. I am in UAE and every day I see your programme on star plus (awakening with brahma kumaris). Thanks for all.
# Moderator 2010-10-09 17:13
Rajesh: On an interpersonal level, if we don’t forgive someone then we
remain trapped by them.  First we
experience the sorrow they initially caused us and then by holding on to the
situation, or feelings of dislike, we remain trapped in that sorrow.  It is better for us to become free, by
forgiving and forgetting, it is also a generous act on our part.  Giving always brings happiness.  In terms of countries forgiving other
countries . . . dialogue to understand each others perspective would also bring
about faster resolution and peace.  War only
creates more sorrow and violence.  If we
want to ‘teach others lessons’ then the best way to do this is to inspire
others to follow our good example, forcing others to do as we want only breeds
fear and contempt and will inevitably have its own negative repercussions
forcing us then to protect our borders.


# Pinak 2010-10-08 20:24
I feel very previledged to be able to read from someone great akin YOU Dadi Janki.I know a little about what you people do.But by only knowing alittle also i got attracted towards this in numerous occasions.Anyway a magnimonous heart of full of delighful owings to you.Hopefully i will read more and more got eventually end up becoming severely addicted.

Thankx for making me addicted.
# selvi 2010-10-08 04:54
Thank you BK.Janki. I feel better after having read your message. Thank from my heart.
# Alan 2010-10-07 14:05
The trials of life bring conflict into all of our minds - happiness is a decision, sometimes difficult, that we have to make every day. We are all souls that have been born into material bodies to learn...life is the longest schooling that any of us undertake! We begin to realise that the struggle to have correct thoughts and correct actions is worth it when we feel that our mood is more stable and our inner happiness develops greater strength. God bless all of us and I send love to all souls that walk the path. Meditating upon love and soul-consciousness has changed my life for the better.
shankar c.g.
# shankar c.g. 2010-10-06 16:34
Thank you Dadiji, I am very happy to get clarification through your kind message that happiness dwells within and not through external happenings. Your blessings are very much solicited.
# sheenal 2010-10-06 10:01
dadiji i always thought that keeping others happy will keep me happy but i get upset and deeply heart when other are.

# kalpana 2010-10-06 08:05
My sweet Dadi I love your all words. I am so happy since I
came to know God (Baba). Since that day I never get problems, problems get
solved very easily.  I feel that God is
always checking and taking care of me.  I
don’t have parents and so I share with my Baba and I get all solutions, He
gives me everything whatever is required.
# Richa 2010-10-03 15:45
Thank u dadiji,4 giving us ur precious words about sorrow and happiness.I m very much moved by ur msg.keep ur blessing on me.om shanti.
# Moderator 2010-10-03 14:01
Neeru: It is difficult when you do not have your family around you
for company.  But your true parent – God is
always available to give you company and comfort, you just need to remember God
who is just a thought away.  With this remembrance
you will receive strength you need to face the situation you find yourself in.  There are always solutions you just need to
move forward step by step with God as your companion.  By taking small steps and creating solutions
your self confidence will also increase and things will start to move forward.  If you wish to connect to a center in New
Zealand, go to “Where are We” and then “Locations Near You” on this website and
they will help you to deepen your practice of meditation which will make it
easier to connect with God, and they also have different activities which you
could join in.
# rajesh 2010-10-03 07:35
I regularly watch your programme on TV and am deeply impressed, but I have some query. Yesterday Shivani didi told us that if we want happiness we should forgive others for their mischief. If it is true, why did Rama not forgive Ravana, Pandava  not forgive Kaurva. They were also very very intelligent saint/god and made exploratory lessons to the public. Why every country formed police force, why do countries put their soliders on the border to save their country. It means we should teach lessons to the dirty persons and encourage them not to do dirty works. Please let me know these things.
# Neeru 2010-10-02 11:25
Dadiji, how to do all this, nowadays I am in New Zealand very far away from my family and i really feel lonely here and keeps on crying, there is no job here and everything is going wrong here with me I am very unhappy, kya karu mein.
# Ruby 2010-10-01 23:11
Dearest Dadi Ji, Thank you for such a beautiful teaching that sorrow and happiness comes from within, and is not found from external sources. As souls we have forgotten this by the distractions we face in our daily lives and through you we are reminded to follow our true purpose. Please bless us all.
Arun Kunwar
# Arun Kunwar 2010-10-01 19:23
Thanks a lot Dadiji for giving such a true reason to remain happy in all circumstances.This wonderful thought will benefit all the souls and improve our moral.
# sumita 2010-10-01 13:05
Thanks Dadiji for making us believe that happiness is inside us.  But its a very subtle inside, as we have thought mere bhagyme to yeses hona hi tha ,mere sath hin yesa nkyuon hota hey, actually if we start to have these types of thoughts nobody is going to help us. Sometimes we feel TV, music, the computer is our friend, but we forget they are all external gadgets, they have been made with the improvement of science to keep our mind busy for sometime, but suppose the current is switched off -  what will happen?  So we should always have constant faith in God (Shiv Baba), to think of Him as the constant One.
# Gajen 2010-10-01 10:31
Dadiji, What you say is true.  We never think about inner happiness. Externally, we are searching for happiness.  Many thanks Dadiji for sharing this wonderful thought with us.
# neha 2010-09-30 17:46
Thank u dadi, for Such a wonderful message and great teaching....give me your blessings so that i can follow this
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