Connect with deeper imprints of goodness and purity

Dear Friends,

Om shanti.  All of us have had experiences that caused us to carry sorrow, anger or fear.  The impact left on us as a result of our experiences creates memories that affect our lives today.  These memories are imprints on the soul that inform the way we see and do things. They can be stirred to life by a sound or a fragrance.

Our personalities are the result of the patterns of these imprints.  It is possible that the imprints of my experiences have created  ego, greed, or anger in me. Every time I express this imprinted pattern, it gets stronger.  I can see that this is interfering with what I want to do in my life.

We can learn to work with memories and change them, so that they are no longer memories of pain.  We can invoke beautiful memories.  The mechanism for changing memories happens in silence.  I can invoke a positive, powerful stage in silence connecting with my core values of peace, love, truth, happiness and pure awareness.  In this state the soul is completely clean with clean thoughts and clear feelings.  In this state, I connect with my deeper imprints of goodness and purity that lie beneath the acquired ones.  My awareness is elevated and I am able to have a relationship with everyone with understanding.


Dadi Janki

#17 2011-08-07 13:58 - RANSA

om shanti, maintaing postive energy continuosly was difficult for me but after adopting rajyoga it made me cool. sometimes when a situation was not favourable i used to get very angry, after visiting mount abu and BK centre i am completely changed.

#16 2011-07-31 18:20 - Moderator

Manvi:  If we have have done good and elevated actions in this life, we will not fear our next.  Whatever we do, we receive the fruit of that - good and bad.  This natural law of Karma continues to work in our present life also, so if we want a good and happy life today, do good actions which bring happiness and benefit to ourselves and others . . .in this way we also create a better world now.

#15 2011-07-28 17:40 - Manvi
It is true that most people are afraid of death but after knowing that we are immortal and point of light which never dies then doesn't our fear increases not to know that we are gonna die but to have the fear of what we are going to be in our next life??
#14 2011-07-20 15:39 - pushpa

Dadiji it is very lovely to live life with peace and love to everyone. Thanks we will follow your message. om shanti

#13 2011-07-19 15:40 - nadhiya
hi tis is true it rly wrks insted of wstng time live the life 2 do somethng fr lots of peoples arnd u
#12 2011-07-05 04:15 - K.Nandarao
Learning and practicing Rajyog meditation will defeat all evils and bring happiness in life.
#11 2011-07-02 07:55 - Rajkishor
Om shanti, great words to adopt in life, to change the way to live the life with happiness.
#10 2011-07-01 17:57 - Sarah Letamendi

Muchas gracias por todo lo que aprendi con uds. lo amo mucho, y tengo sus sabias enseñanzas siempre en mi corazón. Felicidades om shanti

#9 2011-07-01 17:57 - Sarah Letamendi

Muchas gracias por todo lo que aprendi con uds. lo amo mucho, y tengo sus sabias enseñanzas siempre en mi corazón. Felicidades om shanti

#8 2011-07-01 02:42 - maneesha

These thoughts are very inspiring. Every single day I watch the show on TV. It inspires me so much that it has started changing my life. Thanks a lot to Respected Dadiji and Sister Shivani and also to Kanupriya. 

#7 2011-06-29 15:17 - Moderator

Negonyah:  Yes.  Ultimately the fear most people have is of death.  Once we are in the awareness of being an immortal being of light, a subtle being of energy which can never be destroyed, (only the body dies) really there is nothing to be frightened of.  All of our fears are connected with the body; illness, insult, loss etc.  In silence, we can step back from situations and the feelings they invoke and use spiritual knowledge to understand reality and then respond.  If there is something we need to attend to, in silence we will see clearly what needs to be done, if there is nothing to be done, then in silence the peace, love and company of God I experience in meditation can be used in my life when I come into action.

#6 2011-06-29 01:37 - Negonyah
Om Shanti...peace & can we erase fear from our minds & hearts? Can this too be achieved through silence (meditation)?
#5 2011-06-27 13:18 - B.K.anantharao
an exlent message
#4 2011-06-27 05:32 - Vinita

Daaaadi..:) I love you..u have changed my life :):)

#3 2011-06-26 11:40 - Pankaj

Dadiji your words are like sprinkling flowers in our life. Its request that if u will share your daily thought there can be transformation in our life. Om Shanti.

#2 2011-06-25 10:11 - Deepak Behl
Om Shanti Pujniya Dadi Ji and to everybody.
Every word, every line is very true. There is no comparison to Brahma Kumaris yomen services towards the universal souls. My Om shanti and best wishes to all the Brahma Kumaris world over
#1 2011-06-24 17:56 - sari
i always struggle with thoughts of negativity,
this words helped me at this moment.
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