Glimpse a future of universal peace

Dear Friends,

At the new year, we pause and notice the passing of time as we move from the old year to the new one.  Know that every moment, every hour is important. And understand the value of each soul – not only the famous souls, such as Nelson Mandela, who have lived among us and blessed us with their elevated vision for the world, but also the lesser known souls who have given us their company and encouragement throughout the year.

May the year ahead be one that uplifts each of us allowing us to inspire others. May we begin to glimpse a future of universal peace and brotherhood on the horizon and quicken our pace to get there together as a world family.

Love and good wishes

BK Janki

#2 2014-01-31 10:35 - Margaret McCathie
See everyone as God sees them. Look for their loveliness.
#1 2014-01-23 09:25 - Joseph
That is true.
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