Become a still point and go deep

Dear friend,

Om shanti.  This world is like a quagmire of vices. We have to make sure that not only we don’t start drowning in it and that others don’t drown either.  To live in such a world, we have to learn to go deep within. 

It used to be that many people had wells at home. The water was very pure because it came from deep underground. So too, in meditation we have to go very deep in order to make the mind and body healthy. Become a still point and go deep. Be careful and cautious. Let yourself go deep in meditation, and you will feel that you are being cleaned in cool and cool water.

With love,

BK Janki

#6 2014-01-31 10:30 - Margaret McCahie
Immerse yourself in the ocean of love and share i with everyone. You can only do that in silence.
#5 2013-12-29 14:40 - Moderator

When a soul enters the physical world it is pure, and virtuous.  On entering the physical the soul comes under the influence of physical laws.  Everything new become old, goes from order to disorder, the physical law of entropy comes into effect and the soul looses power.  The soul becomes more and more influenced by the pysical until it forgets its real self, the soul and becomes body councious and starts to think it is a body only, and the vices of ego, greed, lust, attachemtn and anger emerge.  We can gain back our power (and virtues) by remembering that we are a soul and connect to the Supreme Soul (God) who is the Source and never looses power.


#4 2013-12-21 06:21 - Naveen
Really.... Even a single word of yours makes big sense. And inspires a lot. Thank you for that.
#3 2013-12-13 09:44 - Bk.opus
Vices work like viruses, they eat you from within and then outwards. Real cleaning starts from within (your mind), remove the debris of the vices and decorate your inner temple with flowers of virtues like honesty, peace, simplicity, humility and love. As you think or reflect on any virtue, so has your decoration start. Use virtues, renounce the vices. DADI, you are a blessing (light) to this (dark) world. Om shanti
#2 2013-12-12 02:18 - Maltee
Om Shanti.
As I read Dadi's message, age-old questions resurface. Where do vices and negativity come from? How is it that human beings move from being viceless in one age to being full of vices in another? Is it because God has enabled us with the power to create our own thoughts and some of us choose to create negative ones? Why is it that we cannot continue to be the same in every age?
#1 2013-12-11 05:29 - Dhara
'OM SHANTI' Dadi Jhanki,
very true. Thanks for this wonderfull msg.Pls guide us in future also thru ur msgs.
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