Concern to serve humanity

Dear Friends,

Om shanti.  If my main concern is to serve humanity rather than to make money or become well known, I will never become tired. If I say something negative to anyone, then the love between us is lost. Don’t feel that you need to prove that you are telling the truth. Don’t speak harshly. The effect you have on others and on the atmosphere depends on your voice and how you speak.  Your tone of voice is very important. For this you have to learn to make yourself silent inside. 

With love, 

BK Janki

#9 2014-01-31 10:27 - Margaret McCathie
Hold everyone with love in your heart,you will then interact with everyone sweetly and lovingly.
#8 2013-12-30 17:04 - Nalini
Thank you!
#7 2013-12-11 20:45 - Moderator

Nalini:  It can indeed be very frustrating in a noisy atmosphere where you cannot hear yourself think! Perhpas you could talk to your employers about the situation to see if there is a way that all of you would beneift from some layout or structual changes to the office.  Happy and calm employees will produce better work.  Also, internally if you prepare yourself before going to the office to be peacful, you could then perhaps respectfully speak with your collegues about the benefit for all if voices are kept down.  If noise persists then your practice will help you not to get irrittated in the moment. 

#6 2013-12-07 15:15 - Elisabete Miguel
Om Shanti. Dear D. Janki, your words of wisdom are an inspiration for me on this turbulent time. Thank you =D.
#5 2013-12-06 07:26 - jayanthi
i love this thought i am continuing
#4 2013-12-05 09:19 - Maltee
Om Shanti. In today's world, many of us are so easily offended by what others say. This is because we are not taking the time to really listen and think about the message being conveyed; instead ego sets in and we immediately react to what is being said. We all need to acquire the inner silence of which Dadi is speaking so as not to be so reactive.
#3 2013-12-04 10:26 - B
Silent inside - the voice that comes from silence must be calm clear. Concern to serve humanity is it same as what gift can I give to humanity.Om shanti.
#2 2013-11-30 12:28 - vi diez
Dear BK Janki,
Thank you for reminding us to learn how to always speak sweetly. This will be one of my goal now & for this coming year. A sweet smile for you our idol!
#1 2013-11-27 17:29 - Nalini
Om Shanti,

I have a question.
When for example it is tooo noisy in the office and i'm on the phone. I can hardly hear the other person and myself. This happens very often. I get irritated and when i ask for some silence the tone that comes out is not good. How to change/act at that time? And how to correct the mistake?

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