Apply a spiritual solution

Dear Friend,

Om shanti.  Sometimes one of my friends will come to me because someone is doing something wrong and they want me to go and make it right.  But sometimes if I take immediate action, if I talk about it, it gets bigger.  What we need at that time is to apply a spiritual solution.  Sometimes the proper thing is to wait, to become peaceful and silent and to give powerful vibrations.  This is what will make things settle.

In our lives we need powers, virtues, and values.  When we become aware of the values we need to have, we see the values in others and in ourselves.  When you have virtues in your life, your value increases.


BK  Janki

#32 2020-07-18 09:10 - Amandeep
My brother is in pain and talking lot of addicted stuff
#31 2015-06-12 20:11 - Moderator

Uttama:  As you follow the BK knowledge you will know that anger is a vice that we all have, and the more angry we become the more we cause sorrow for ourselves, first, and then thoes around us.  The more often we allow ourselves to become angry the deeper this habit becomes.  If your brother really wants to change this caracteristic he needs to connect to the qualities and power of peace that he has inside.  Meditation can help with this.  It is not a quick fix, but the main thing to remember is that blaming others, and feeling that we get angry because of what others do or say, will not solve the problem.  We have the power to change ourselves but it takes, self awareness, practice and determination.

#30 2015-06-09 07:20 - uttama
My brother are so sensitive and emotional and he react his anger easily its harm for himself and family also and other clever people take advantage in his office and other people are angry with him although he is honest and kind heartred person but his try to solve problem not effective iam afraid his nature are harm himself and our family also..i follow brahm kumari knowledge please please guide me
#29 2015-04-02 17:06 - Moderator

Uttama:  We need to become well-wishers for ourselves and not rely on others.  If you relay on others for support then invariably they will disapoint us. Meditation helps us to understand our past and create a better future for ourselves.  If we live in the past then we repeatedly bring that into our present, and then from there we are creating the future for ourselves.  Forget the past, it is past.  With understanding create a better future.


#28 2015-03-10 06:15 - uttama
How i forget my past whatever iam today bcoz of past but my past is not good my whole life nobody my become a well wisher but my effort to good relation with me but eveybody take advantage me till now my quetion is how i forget my past i make so many effort to forget past but condition become so worse day by day plz give me suitable suggestion
#27 2015-01-27 13:54 - Moderator

uttama:  It never helps to seek revenge.  By focusing on the problem or discomfort it makes it worse. Dadi's message is how to apply a spiritual solution.  Re-read it and reflect deeply on its meaning.  This may take some time but you, and the other person is worth it.  Revenge is a quick fix and the sorrow you give will come back to you.

#26 2015-01-25 05:26 - uttama
Same office somebody take advantage my emotion and make a confidence for me he is honest and true but he befooled me he feel not regret about that iam ashmed my question is how i tackle this problem shold i fight and make revenge of this person plz guide us iam not able to leave my office how i tackle when he front with me
#25 2013-10-10 08:55 - manisha
om shanti.... my confidenece is losing day by day and i can't concentration in any wark and our home environment is depressed day by day i do work hard but i am unsuccessfull in getting job and my home raputation is letting down day by day and environment of home is aggresive.
#24 2011-09-24 18:52 - Moderator

Su: All souls are 'new' when they come into physical form for the first time - meaning they are pure souls.  Each soul has its part recorded in them like a seed.  Once the soul is 'planted', so to speak, the soul begings to act and its part unfolds.

#23 2011-09-17 19:12 - Su
If new souls have come into phiscal form first time, there destiny is based on what it said destiny is based on their on karma...and these soul have not
Done any..
#22 2011-09-17 15:40 - Moderator

Su.  The soul comes into the physical form (from the incaporeal world to the caporeal world) and is eternal - always existing - and therefore there are a finite number of souls.  Once it enters the physical world it takes rebirth entering the cycle of time. Each soul enters the physical plane at its own time - many souls have come into their physical form in the last 100 years or so, and so there has been a big increse in the population - these are what some call 'new' souls - 'old' souls are thoes who have taken more births and came into physical form at a time when there were fewer human beings. 

#21 2011-09-16 20:56 - Su
We are soul and it takes birth in form of human. Human population is growing,so my question is does new soul is created to accommodate the growing population
#20 2011-09-16 17:26 - Moderator

s d Sharma:

In order to 'talk' to God we have to get on the same 'wave lenght' as God.  God is an incaporeal being and so to communicate with God we also have to become incaporeal, that is we have to understand oursleves to be incaporeal beings of light, a tiny spark of devine energy.  In this conciousness, this soul conciousness, we can 'speak' to God.  Both the soul and the Supreme Soul (God) are subtle beings and therefore the language would be subtle. So communication takes place through the pure subtle energy of thoughts.   This can be experienced through meditation.

#19 2011-09-13 09:42 - s d sharma
I hv read
somewhere one can talk to GOD is it true
#18 2011-09-08 15:35 - Luve

This morning I was dealing with right or wrong, if I should say it or not. Not knowing what to do, I open this page and I received a powerful answer: "apply a spiritual solution, give powerful vibrations, be silent, be peaceful.” Speechless……….. Thanks Baba

#17 2011-09-07 11:30 - bk. Opus

all problems, whether inner and outer problems have there solution on the inside. Developing positive thoughts starts from creating some positive thoughts at the early hours of each day, say 4am. Take little time to reflect on the topic, who am I? on hourly bases, most especially the points concerning the soul. When the mind becomes totally still like water, every problem becomes clear and the solution erupts from the mind. Meditate on the problem in deep silence and once the problem becomes clear, the solution flashes in the clearly. Only in a state of total peace through observing soul or God consciousness that solutions of problems emerge. Om shanti is the way.

#16 2011-09-04 20:10 - B.K Rahul

Om Shanti I have been practicing this knowledge since i was 10.  Today i am 22 and an engineer. During this complete journey i never felt that i was alone, it was always as if Baapdada (GOD) was watching me. From that time through meditation i felt so light in my daily studies and other activities that today when i see other people of my age tensed and worrying about the future, and who still cant feel silence for even one second, I thank Baba for being with me and also for making me capable to serve others through this knowledge also.

#15 2011-09-04 16:45 - Moderator

manish atri.  Listening to spiritual knowledge, Godly knowlege every day is very good as it norishes the soul. To bring knowledge into praciice is important if you are to bring about sustained change in your life.  If you listen to the class while being aware of yourself as a spriitual being, a being light, concious of yourself as a soul, then you will be able to absorbe more of what is being said and you will naturally be able to birng these truths into your life.

#14 2011-09-04 15:42 - Elizabeth Acosta

With anger you loose your peace and purity.

#13 2011-09-04 05:29 - manish atri

In my opinion i think there are two type of person in the world one negative and another positive and in every person mind negative is winning so i was also negative before listening this spiritual knowledge. i went to mount abu and saw many loving things there and it changed my life style. Now i am go daily to the centre to listen to Godly knowledge. Please help me to do meditation with peaceful mind.  Whle listening to words of knowledge i feel very peaceful and happy. But when i leave that class i can"t control myself.  So please tell me how i can go further to change my attitude. 

#12 2011-09-02 17:34 - Mrudula
Om shanti- +ve thinking and faith in God can survived you from even cancer. Once you get your medical treatment than only your positive thoughts makes you keep going. Faith in God tells you "God has a reason for it to go through that pain." That experience can make you stronger person and change your life.
#11 2011-08-31 22:52 - B.K Sasi

It is very true , God doesn't expect us to rush to do things if we fully understand his wonderful plan, we try not do what our own mind says. Many times i observed if we rush to make decisions or do things too quickly, the results can be harder for ourselves and the results can be negative, so calm and patience will teach us how to deal difficult situations. God says do good actions and then forget about it, wait and see as a detached observer, then magic will happened. I have applied this to many situations and it worked. Om shanti "have Faith "

#10 2011-08-31 17:55 - Moderator

Pratibha.  Anger doesn't help in any situtation it only makes things more confusing, we are not able to discern properly or make good decisions.  The origional quality of the self is peace, connecting to that peace in meditation is helpful, but there are also good anger management courses available. Seeking advise from a qualified councellor is also an option.  


#9 2011-08-29 18:42 - Moderator

f.d. baranwal: It is chalanging to be 'on call' as it can be difficult to relax and focus on what we are doing while we worry about what we may have to do.  Meditation will help to bring our thoughts to the present, becoming aware of yourself as a peaceful being.  Everything will work out, worrying is not helpful - we need to guide our minds to let go of worrying about what may, or may not, happen and be present to our lives now.  In the awareness of peace - create good thoughts and actions and the results will be good.

#8 2011-08-28 20:35 - Avijit

Its true that everything has its own time to happen. I have learnt that patience is a must in one's life, don't rush for anything. When problem comes in ones life then solutions are also bound to come, but we have to wait for right time to apply it. Sometimes what we think will happen will not happen.

#7 2011-08-28 12:32 - g.d.baranwal
i am transferred to a new job where i may be called any time in all 24 hours as my service is essential. i remain constantly in fear that i am going to be called although i am not called often. I want to be free from imagined fear.
#6 2011-08-27 16:16 - Rama Mishra

In my opinion, this whole world & every species in this are bound with only one thing that is: Thought. A +ve thought refer this as love & a -ve one will render it as dependecy. Like a charge is surrounded by its electric field , we are also surrounded by a field & that field is created by our thought(whether -ve or +ve). In a broad sense one has 9 feelings and one's thought decide the way to use it & that are: love, affection, anger, gratitude, respect, trust, fear, grief, joy.

#5 2011-08-25 12:45 - archana nigade
very true!!
#4 2011-08-25 08:56 - Shweta

Om Shanti Om Before 2 months My family was going through a problem & we knew that there is no solution.We were very-2 upset. Then my Husband forced us 2 go 2 BK Ashram. Then Miracle happened. One day BK Parul di told us to take sankalp of 21 days n start doing meditation during Braham Mahurat n v started doing. On the 10th day our problem was solved. We feel so blissful. From that time onwards daily we are doing meditation during Braham Mahurat and going to ashram. This is most b'ful experience of our life. Thanks a lot om shanti om.

#3 2011-08-24 14:18 - Ash
Very good Dadiji, I find when I feel unable to help or control a situation constructively then becoming silent and creating peaceful and powerful thoughts and vibrations is the best way forward.
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