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BKs in Grenada

Welcome to the website of the Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Centre, Grenada.

The most important journey you can take is the one within. This is a journey to the truth of who you really are.
This is the place, just beyond everyday consciousness, where self-empowerment begins. It gives you the strength to choose creative thinking rather than automated thinking rather than automated thinking, response rather than reaction, peace, love and harmony rather than stress, conflict and chaos.

The Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University (BKWSU) is an international non-governmental organization with spiritual headquarters at Mt Abu, Rajasthan, India and with over 9000 centres in 100 countries. The BKWSU has been awarded seven international peace messenger awards by the United Nations.

The Brahma Kumaris seeks to help individuals rediscover and strengthen their inherent worth by encouraging and facilitating a process of spiritual awakening. The development of virtues and value-based attitudes creates a practical spirituality which enhances personal effectiveness in the workplace and in family life.


Virtue Scope

Check the virtues you need for the day.

Experience Meditation

Experience silence and peace through meditation.