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Welcome to the Brahma Kumaris Guyana

lighthouse at dusk


Brahma Kumaris in Guyana

The Brahma Kumaris first set foot on Guyana’s soil in December, 1975.  Following a series of lectures across the country by Sister Jayanti, now Brahma Kumaris’ European Director, many from the local community requested the permanent presence of the Brahma Kumaris in Guyana.  The first service centre was opened in Waterloo Street, Georgetown, in 1976, and was registered as a trust. 

 In 1977 the centre moved to Kingston, Georgetown, where it remains until today, serving as the main centre for five other service places in different parts of the country.  In 1981, that building was completely destroyed by a fire that started in the neighbourhood.  In what turned out to be a memorable expression of unity, dedication and plain hard work, a new building was completed three and a half months later.  Additional Brahma kumaris service centres are now present on the Essequibo Coast, East Coast and East Bank Demerara, and West Coast Berbice.

What we offer

Short courses are offered on Meditation, Positive Thinking, Self Esteem and Stress Free Living.  Courses are conducted at our established service centres, and also upon request at other venues.  At the main centre in Georgetown there is also a small bookshop that offers a variety of books and CD’s that will help you to meditate, to enhance your outlook on life, and to simply be a better you.