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Say "Om shanti" 3 times.


Dear Friends,

Say “om shanti” 3 times.  First, I am a soul.  Second, I belong to God who is the Almighty Authority.  And third, what is our task at this time?

Understand the depth of each point.  The soul has the aspects of mind, patterns of personality, and intellect.  Go into the depth of that and draw others with your experience of soul consciousness.  The knowledge of the soul should be very clear in the intellect.

The world talks about God, and at this time we have the realization that we souls truly are the children of God.  Our awareness of this brings us close to Him.

And finally, this is the auspicious time.  We have to finish violence.  We should not perform any wrong actions.  At this time we take the power from God to do elevated actions.  Whatever we have done, that is finished.  It is the past. 

Revise your knowledge of these 3 aspects again and again.  One is to revise and another is to have realization.  Through this there is transformation.

With love,

BK Janki

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