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Ready and free to serve


Dear Friends,

Om shanti. Serve through your vibrations and create a good atmosphere. First, look into your heart, and make sure that there is no feeling of anything heavy in a subtle form.  There should be no ego or attachment or vice of any kind.  There shouldn’t be anything gross.  Whatever is past, consider that to be past.  This is important if you are to be ready and free to serve in the present moment.

Have honesty inside and remain in your self respect.  Have the awareness that you belong to God. Whatever awareness you have, you will share that with others around you.

Sit together with this elevated aim and keep your attention on creating such an atmosphere.  Subtle vibrations like this reach people around the globe.  The world needs these vibrations, and they should receive them from us.  Let each soul have this feeling that God is pulling them up.

With love,

BK Janki

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