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Smile internally


Dear Friends,

Om shanti.  Three types of awareness make us smile internally and are revealed on the face. First, is the smile of one who is soul conscious, without a trace of body consciousness. Second, is the smile that comes on one’s face when thinking of God – knowing who one belongs to. Third, is the smile that comes from inside when I understand that everything that happens is good and accurate and that no one is to be blamed. Blaming others wipes away one’s happiness in a second… Remember that there is no need to try to prove anything – truth is automatically revealed.

So think of what you have to do now. Leave the support of human beings and take the true and constant support of God. We have to simply lead our lives whilst remaining truthful and filled with love, bliss and peace. In this way we will bring benefit to ourselves and to others.

With love,

BK Janki

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