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Stay in the present moment


Dear Friend,

Om shanti.  This is the time to teach yourself to stay in the present
moment and in the awareness of yourself as a soul – the being inside. If
I think of my past or the past of others -- even from this morning or
yesterday -- then I am not able to think about what is happening now. If
I think of the weakness of others, then I won’t draw strength.  If I
worry about the future, then I become tense and worried.  Don’t look at
the past.  Don’t look at others or allow anything to interfere with your
thoughts.  Let nothing enter your mind because it will cause fear.  If
you let fear enter, it will interfere.

Keep your mind in the present moment and tell yourself that what is
happening is good and that what is going to happen is better.  The
unfolding drama of life is beneficial.

With love,
BK Janki

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