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Freedom from bondage


Dear friend,

Om shanti.  Now is the time for us to experience freedom, but you may

find that some kind of bondage is limiting your freedom. We experience

being in bondage when we have desire.  We may see it as our

responsibility to give happiness through those relationships.  However,

there is the experience that no matter how much you try to make others

happy, they are not satisfied.  Bondage arises when we are trying to

make others happy and they respond with sorrow.  If there is some

bondage, I will feel sorrow when I try to disengage. These are

relationships based on the body.  When one of you leaves, there is

sorrow and tears.  What we want is to be able to stabilize the self and

not take sorrow.

Have the deep realization that “I want to be free from any bondage in

the world.”  Dadi has received liberation from the Divine, from all that

is negative, and liberation in life – the experience of peace, love and

joy while in this body. Have no more bondage to customs, systems, or


The deeper you go within to look at yourself, the more you’ll be able to

understand. Sometimes those bondages don’t allow you to go deeper.  Keep

the faith that you are making this connection with the Divine, from whom

you are claiming all powers, and you will experience true freedom.


With love,

BK Janki

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